Kitten training – 2

“Show me!”

I shook my head from side to side. My lips refused to say the word I knew he hated. That word, he warned me when I met him that I would have three chances to use it, so do it wisely. What he neglected to tell me was what would happen when I reached the third level. Would I be banished from his home? Or worse, would he find it within himself to finally destroy my flawless body?

At barely eighteen, I was far from innocent, but you couldn’t tell that by looking at me. Only 5 feet tall, I sometimes weighed less than 100 pounds. It all depends on the roughness of his fuck. At times I haven’t found myself out of bed for days at a time. Others, he made love to me as though he was in love. I knew that would never be the case with me. I would always be the sounding board for his mood swings.

“Show me!” he demanded.

I held my hands out in front of him, the bare eye could never see the filth under my nails, but he could. Using a special light, he found all the evidence he needed to know I was masturbating without his permission. Do I know better? Of course, I know the rules of the house.

No touching without permission.
No leaving without his approval.
No eating without asking first.
Bathe nightly using the soap he preferred.
Personal hygiene immaculate.
The vaginal area and anal should be kept hair-free at all times.

I broke the first rule, and now he would punish his Kitten. With a quick yank to the back of my hair, my face directly pointed to the ceiling of the room. There would be no mercy. Even though I didn’t tell him no, I would still get the same punishment as though I did. Bringing his face only inches from mine, it was his tone that shook me to the core.

“Take the clothing off and fold them neatly before placing the articles in the box at the end of your bed. Remove your earrings and make sure they are there as well. Your hair is to be in a tight ponytail at the back of your head. All polish is removed from your body—nothing on the nails or the toes. You are to be bare from head to toe. When done, you will meet me in the garden. I have company today, and I am already angry over being disturbed,” he said.

As he left, I felt the presence of a shiver so deep in my core that I cried as it rolled through my body. Every inch of my flesh covered with prickles of lust. I was scared but intrigued at the same time. Running to my room, I did as told. Clothing removed, polish removed, hair pulled back, no jewelry on my body, the only thing left was the one that frightened me the most. I am to meet him in the garden because he has company? Indeed, he wouldn’t want anyone to see Kitten like this, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

As I walked through his home, the cold marble floor on my bare feet was like cubes of ice. Of course, the house wasn’t cold, but I was. Inching closer to the open french doors that led to the garden area, I could hear voices, a male and a female. Both of them cheerful, but I couldn’t make out the nature of the conversation. I’m generally not modest, but something about Master wanting me outside naked frightened me.

Before joining them in the garden, I took a deep breath and walked out into the chilly October air. It was a little cold for a naked woman.

“Ah, there is my Kitten. Get down on your knees and crawl to me,” he said.

We have a ritual. I am not to walk unless the Master tells me. Otherwise, I am his Kitten, and he is my owner. I drop down on all fours, face down to the cement, and crawl to where he is sitting. As he pats me on the head, I am allowed to sit but not cross-legged. He doesn’t find that kitten-like. I must tuck my legs under my bottom and sit on them.

“My friends here are looking for a toy for the night. I am allowing them to take you to the guest house and use at their discretion,” he said.

I want to scream and beg him not to send me off with strangers, but I can’t. It would be another NO under my name, and he would find a way to make me regret that for weeks to come.

“Crawl over to Madam and eat her cream while we speak,” Master said.

A simple nod of my head and I crawl to the female who has already pulled up her skirt to expose her beefy pussy lips. Brushing my tongue up and down her inner thighs, I know that taste. Master has recently fucked her, and she’s covered in his cum. I will always know his flavor over anyone else. There is a sweetness to him, and I have it each morning when I wake, so my tastebuds crave his jizz. I look up at her for a moment. Her smirk tells it all. A part of me is jealous, and another that knows the depth of pleasure she achieved. At times he allows me joy, but usually, my pussy is left neglected.

“I said eat the cream,” Master said, his hand on my ass to empathize his words.

Again, I do not speak, but I do search for the treasure between her legs. Pushing my face into her pussy, my lips sucking her soft folds, and she moves me in with the guidance of her hand. Fisting my ponytail, I now know why the Master told me to wear one. Long strokes up and down her slit, I use the tip of my tongue as an opener and push her lips open to find a massive river of cum flowing out. It wasn’t her cum. Honestly, it wasn’t only one man. I could taste both men at the table inside of this woman. Wrapping my lips around her hole, sucking the cream out like she is a straw, I have to swallow to ensure my mouth doesn’t overflow with fluids. She is cumming buckets into my mouth, my throat burning from the overabundance of cum. I know better than ever to lose a drop. That is a punishment that I never want.

The woman leaning back on the chair, panting like a wild animal, cries out for me to stop. Her body can’t cum anymore. Not yet, at least. She needs a rest before cumming again.

“Kitten, you are to go with the nice couple to the guest house. Her husband is going to want oral and anal sex from you. Nothing in your cunt, do you understand me?” Master asked.

Nodding my head, I knew better than to allow another man inside of my pussy. That was his property, and no one else was ever to touch me there. I look over at the Master, my face covered in cream. There is no greater love than a pet and her owner.

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