Peaches and Cream

My little epic tale of my sugar daddy took a new turn this weekend. He wanted me to go away to Vegas for a conference. Little did I know, he was going to share me with his wife. I’ve never met her till this weekend, and now, and I need to make this clear, I have never touched another woman, so this was a first for me. When he asked me, I was a little put off because I don’t know what a woman wants from another woman. Instead of going in blind, I spent hours watching lesbian porn and learning how to pleasure a pussy. 

This event was all set to make her feel like it was an accident, but he planned this affair. I don’t play with women, but she was an exception. He told me that she had a girlfriend in college, so he wanted to make it happen again for her. Arriving at their room wearing nothing but a long coat and a pair of heels, I couldn’t help but smile. She was a hot blond with big tits and a nice fat ass—sort of the mommy type, but the dirty mother. I’ve always preferred older men, so why not older women as well? 

We had a couple of bottles of wine before the clothes came off. My client sat in the corner and stroked his dick while I ate his wife better than he ever has. A woman doesn’t have to be a lesbian to eat pussy the right way. I learned that tonight. Mimicking what I saw on the screen, I crawled between her legs, nuzzling my nose against her sweet bald pussy. Now I know why men love it bald. The scent alone was intoxicating. She tasted like peaches and cream, and the moment my tongue collected its first dose of cream, I shivered with excitement. I don’t think there has been a more defining moment than the one where she screamed and forced my head into her dripping wet pie. Finding her clit was the second. I sucked that little bundle of nerves as though it was a magnificent cock. Licking, sucking, and slurping up her pending mess. 

Sex toys laid out on the table, I picked a strap-on for my weapon of choice. I love using one on her husband, but his wife felt so much better. I lined the head up to her opening, slapping it until the cream splattered. She was so wet that my thighs soaked from the cascade of pussy juices. 

“Fuck me, of god, please fuck me,” she screamed. 

I pounded her pussy with such a force that the bed moved, and the headboard hit the wall. My client sat in the corner with his dick in his hand, pouting that he never heard his wife react like this. That didn’t stop him from stroking his cock. He pumped and tugged while I thrust and jackhammer his wife into a wild frenzy of orgasmic bliss. Her body shaking beneath me, I pressed my lips to hers, and we ended the night with our tongue completing an erotic dance and her husband getting a messy hand. I almost feel guilty that he paid for this fuck fest. Almost. 

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