Kitty training

“Open your mouth, dammit,” he said.

I shook my head from side to side. It wasn’t until he pinched my nose did I open wide. One, then two, and then another. What the hell was he trying to do? He pulled his fingers back, spitting on them before forcing them back in my mouth. What he did was what he called training for the perfect little Kitten. The tall, handsome man had eyes that penetrated the soul each time he looked my way, which he did often. He knew he was making me his puppet, and I let him teach me how to pleasure a cock using his finger as the instrument of oral pleasure.

“Ah,” I moaned.

“Good little Kitten. I’m going to push deeper, do not gag, or I will start all over again. Do you understand?” he asked.

Nodding, I opened my mouth as wide as possible, his fingers pressing down on my tongue, stopping when he reached the back of my throat. It seemed like forever as he held the tips of his slender digits at the end of my throat. It was a test of my endurance, which I quickly failed. Gagging, the fluids building in my throat, I felt as though I would vomit. A quick slap to my cheek brought me back from the brink.

“We do not choke, gag, and if you vomit, you will regret that for the rest of your life,” he scolded.

As he lovingly stroked my cheek, his fingers moved once again, this time deeper into my mouth. I felt the struggle to choke but held back. I wanted to take the slender digits as deep as possible, and though my breathing quickened, he ran out of fingers before I ran out of space.

“Such a good little kitten. Purr for Daddy,” he whispered.

I looked up at him, still with his fingers down my throat and slowly vibrated my throat into a low and seductive purr. Immediately I could tell that he wished his cock was the training tool and not his fingers. I wanted it was too, but I’m not yet worthy of having the real thing. For a man to offer a cock to a woman, he must first trust her, and second, she must be worthy of taking one. I am not, well, not yet.

His hand retracted, the saliva smeared across my cheeks, he bent down lovingly kissing my forehead.

“Kitten, you did well. Daddy left something in your bowl,” he grinned.

Once gone, I crawled to the little silver bowl in the corner of the room, licking the contents of the bowl, savoring every drop of my kitty treats.

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