Sinful Sunday

Do not read if you have an aversion to adult writing and blasphemous situations.

My goal for the day wasn’t to ensure a one-way ticket into hell, but I am driving the crazy train into the heat by the end of the day. Today was my first time back to the church in years. I will admit that God and I don’t see eye to eye on many things, but I thought it was time to make up. Forgive those who trespass or something like that. Well, that’s what I saw on a billboard while driving down the freeway. Maybe it wasn’t even the saying, but the Priest was hot in that picture. Perhaps that was put there to bring in the sinners and save their souls from everlasting hell. Either way, he was attractive, and here I am stepping back into the place I swore I would never enter into again.

Dressed in a crimson red dress, stockings, and a pair of six-inch stiletto’s, I stood out like a whore in church. Well, that’s how I felt by all the eyes drinking me at the moment I walked through the door. If I could read minds, I am sure every woman hated me, and every man wanted to fuck me on a bibles stack. That was a lovely thought. Perhaps I stopped going to church because of these sinful thoughts the minute I went through the door.

The front row seat now empty. I knew that would be the perfect place for me to sit. The Priest was not the one in the picture, but he was the older version. He resembled a fortyish George Clooney, and I knew the moment I sat, he was intrigued. Of course, I couldn’t see his erection in his pants. That damn robe blocked my view completely. Pity, I think his cock would take me to heaven before dropping me down in hell’s pits.

“Please be seated. I see we have some new people here today,” he said.

How come I knew the moment he said that he meant me? Did he want to know me better? Give me a new bible, or shove his cock so deep in my cunt that I felt God entering my body? I had to hold back a giggle just thinking about that. Can you imagine being called to the church’s front, bent over the pulpit and his cock fucking into my tiny pussy while he rests the bible on my back as he delivers the sermon? I just did, and I know that my red silk panties soaked with the most delicious cream. If I closed my eyes, I could almost hear them singing Amazing Grace as I cum all over his holy cock.

“Can all of our new guest stand, state your name, and tell the parishioners what brought you here today?” he asked.

Of course, I was the only one who was new to the place, and the only person standing. I felt out of place, but then again, I like being the center of attention.

“My name is Nicolette. Not Nicole, not Nic, but Nicolette. What brought me here?” I asked myself, “Well, it was the billboard along the freeway. The Priest was hot, and I wanted to see for myself just how handsome he was. I know, not the model in the picture, but this one is lovely as well.”

You could hear a pin drop in the middle of that church. Women all covering their mouths, and the men with wide eyes and hard dicks. I knew the truth, though. This Priest wanted to fuck me the moment I stood up and showed him my self-worth. I am a confident little bitch, and there isn’t anything shy about me.

Clearing his throat, the father thanked me and nodded for me to retake my seat. His cheeks flaming red, but the little beads of sweat of his brow told me he would break chastity for me if I asked.

A smile of satisfaction on my face as the basket reached my hands. Of course, I gave a healthy donation to the church. It was the note passed to me that had my attention. I needed to meet the father after service to talk to him about what I am looking for in a home church. Have you ever heard the phrase “Shit, eating grin?” Well, guess what? I had one all over my face. I might get what I need after all.

Forty-five minutes later, lying across a stack of bibles, the good father fucked my mouth while delivering my first communion and the blood of Jesus down my throat. While I gave oral to the Priest, I rubbed a cross over my pussy, slapping it hard against my aching clit. My cunt was wet, but he wasn’t worthy of fucking me, not yet at least. Cumming all over Jesus was all I needed right now. Plus, I warned him that if this cross didn’t contain my dried cum on it when I came back next week, it was his ass that would take it, not mine.

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