Wednesday Prompt 9-9-20

“Only one rule. You can’t use your hands”

“I dare you!” he said.

Rolling her eyes, she couldn’t help but laugh. Why all the dares suddenly? Who pays for someone to sit an play games with them all night? He was the weirdest client to date. Usually, they did stupid things like stealing the hot sauce in a diner. Ordering pizza and having it sent elsewhere. Things that a teenager would do. This man was paying five grand a night to have a partner in crime. Tonight though, something seemed different from the man. He’s been drinking, and that’s never a good thing. Drunk men never make good choices.

“Dare me to what? Last time I walked into the gas station at 2 in the morning naked. I could have gone to jail for that one,” she laughed. It was funny at the time, but now, it was one of the dumbest things to do. Never one to pass up a dare, well, not when being paid for it, she had a feeling this one was unlike any of the others.

“I dare you to masturbate and not use any hands,” he smirked.

How the fuck do you masturbate without touching? There had to be a catch to this one, but sadly, he meant it. She was to get off with her hands tied behind her back—another rule of the game. There was no way to say no, but she could add a little twist to the game. He didn’t say where this had to happen, so why not shock the hell out of him and play the game her way?

“Game on. Let’s go, but I have one rule. We do this outside,” she laughed. Of course, he agreed, after all, it was his suggestion to play.

The hotel located about a block from a biker bar, she knew right away how this would play out. Her only worry was getting caught. Men love their toys, and touching one could mean getting her ass beaten. Something she wasn’t looking forward to happening.

“Black or green?” she asked.

“Black, why?” he said.

What she was doing was picking out a bike. If she was going to get off, why not live dangerously? She watched, making sure no one was outside before pulling her panties off, her skirt up, and straddling the seat. God, the cold leather against her slick bald lips, had her wet the moment she sat down.

“Fuck,” she moaned. More so because if someone came outside, how would she explain this? “Oh, hey, just needed to cum, and damn that seat was turning me on.” That wasn’t going to fly around here.

“Do it. I dare you,” he laughed.

Taking the scrunchie from her hair, she wrapped it around her wrists, her hips slowly rocking on the seat’s rippled exterior. Usually, she would massage her clit to get off or even twist her nipples until they turned a bright red shade. Today it was all pussy and leather. A combination that would set her off harder than she ever had.

“Let the show begin. If you see anyone come out, tell me quickly,” she added. A quick swipe of her tongue over her lips, she leaned her head back, arching her back and allowing her hips to slide forward. She was simulating riding the rider. Smooth cunt lips gliding along the surface, her juices building and seeping all over his seat. A slick stream of pussy juice making a slip n slide of the motorcycle seat. Her hands were unable to help. She pressed her nails into her palms, leaving deep indentations in her flesh.

Pulling a cigarette from the pack, her client leaned against the stop sign, watching with need in his eyes. He wasn’t going to get anything from her tonight but a bad case of blue balls. “Moan for me,” he said.

She closed her eyes. Her head tilted back. She moaned out from the now warm leather sensation against her flesh.

“Fuck, god damn,” she whimpered. Her pussy lips swollen from the friction, she thrust down hard on the seat, bucking her hips each time. She was close, too close to be honest.

“Do it!” he demanded.

Her cries of lust and need rolled off her tongue, filling the night air with her erotic melody without warning. She was cumming so hard that her inner walls ached from the collapse, juices pouring in a rushing river over the bike’s leather seat. Neither she nor her client heard the man come out of the bar, but she knew her ass was in trouble the moment she opened her eyes.

“Clean that shit off my fucking seat,” he said. His voice was demanding. Without warning, his hand-knotted in the back of her hair, yanking her from his bike.

The tall male pushed her face down to the seat, grinning the moment her cheek laid in her cum, “Lick it all up.”

She wanted to laugh but didn’t. She slid her tongue from her mouth, licking the sweet nectar from the bike seat. She was as sweet as candy and addicted to her flavor. It wasn’t until her body lurched forward and her ass burned from the first welt did she realize this night was far from over.

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