Wrath 10

Disclaimer: Violent content. Not for some. Please be advised it has taboo and violent situations.

Gathering her thoughts, Nicolette sat the Bible down, stood, and left the church that held her father’s remains. Thanatos unleashed ideas inside of her that she never knew she could feel. She was angry, but not the fury that would not sedate with a long walk, or even a violent act. She needed to destroy someone and unleash a sickness that even Lucifer would applaud. For some reason, her one meeting with the man touched her so deep that she felt burned with disgust.

As the chapel’s door opened, the California heat warned her of the hell that awaited her below. The weatherman said it was 117 in Los Angeles, but she knew it had to be hotter. The smoldering heat coming off of the sidewalk seemed to be in waves.

“What the fuck,” she said. As she shielded her eyes from the scalding sun, the young brunette knew this was punishment on the world. If the Devil had a sense of humor like Thanatos suggested, then Mother nature was he wingman or woman. Whatever your belief was. The entire state felt a rain of ash due to the wildfires that were quickly eating the world one continent at a time.

Nicolette couldn’t get in her car quick enough. The air conditioning blasted against her face with almost an orgasmic release. She pushed herself back in the seat, eyes closed. It wasn’t until she heard a scream that she slowly opened her lids, looking around, but seeing nothing. This place was a slum compared to Italy, but she had chosen to call Los Angeles home, so she was close to family. She would never like it, though.

As she pulled away from the curb, Nicolette got the first glance of who was screaming. The girl couldn’t be any older than sixteen, and her arm tight in the fist of an older man. He appeared to be homeless, but with the shitty fashion sense of Americans these days, he could have more money than she did. Stringy hair, holes in his jeans, and by the looks of the girl, she wasn’t enjoying this little game he seemed to play.

“So one help me, please. God, help me,” she screamed.

The last part brought a burst of mechanical laughter from Nicolette. God helped no one but those fucking kiss asses who filled the church every Sunday, and she wasn’t even sure he helped them. She pulled to the side of the road, turning off her car, and watched as they disappeared into a building that looked to be under construction. No cars in front meant no one inside to help the teen. Why the hell couldn’t she have driven off five minutes earlier? Now, she had to help. There was no way she could drive on and know that what happened to her cousin could happen to this little girl. Slamming her hands down on the wheel, Nicolette knew this was a test. Lucifer was testing her and hoping for her to let this kid suffer. He would.

As she slipped from her Bugatti, Nic looked around as she set the alarm. That car was her baby, and if anyone touched it, she would not be responsible for her actions.

Screams echoed in the distance, but being who she was, Nic tracked them into the second floor of the building. The man was already pawing at the woman’s clothing. If she were a minute later, he would have raped this girl and scarred her for life, if not killing her. Standing in the door’s jam, knocking on wood, Nicolette knew she just gave him the ultimate cock block.

“Pizza delivery for fuck face. Is that you dumbshit?” she asked.

The male stopped in a mid slap, his eyes now on Nicolette as she stood there watching. Grunting, he growled out, his mouth spilling saliva onto the girls face, “Get the fuck out of here or you’re next.”

“No, you see, I have a delivery to make, and I have a perfect rating. You need to stop and pay me before proceeding,” Nicolette said as she advanced towards the man. One swift kick to the ribs, and he was on his back, moaning like a whore in heat.

“Get OUT,” she screamed to the young girl.

Scrambling for the clothes he removed, her face filthy with tears, the timid young girl ran from the building crying. Her footsteps disappearing and the door slamming behind her. If she had more than one life, she just used it up.

The male leaned up on his elbows, mouth snarling like a beast. His night wouldn’t end as he expected. “You fucking no good cunt, I’ll show you a lesson you’ll never forget,” he threatened as he stood, pulling his pants down to expose his erection.

Pointing and laughing, Nicolette knew that would hurt more than anything. “Wow, does that happen to come in adult size? I mean, you brought a cap gun to this battle? What did you plan on doing, rubbing clits with the poor girl,” she laughed. Nicolette could be brutal, but this man’s suffering would endure worse than what she did to Frank.

Charging forward, pushing her into the wall, the male had his ego hurt, and that was a bruise that would never heal. No man wants to hear he lacks in the manhood department. He ripped at her clothing, the male threatening to show her how to treat a man, never saw her knee rise, and hit his testicles, but he felt it when he dropped to his knees, resting in the fetal position.

“I warned you. Hell, you might have talked your way out, but not now,” Nicolette sighed. On the table sat a roll of duct tape, and beside it, a still plugged in shop-vac. She was happy the place still had electricity. He wouldn’t be, but for Nicolette, it made life easier.

As she grabbed the tape, Nic knew she would need to work quickly. He might be down now, but he would regain his composure within minutes. A quick yank of tape, she broke it off with her teeth. With the use of her stiletto in his back, she forced him to his stomach, sitting hard on his back to hold him in place. He might have been bigger, but Nicolette was strong.

“Give me your hands,” she asked but yanked them back before he could. A wrap of tape around the wrists and he was secure. Sure, he could run, but she knew he wouldn’t. Not with his nuts swelling to the size of grapefruits. The next shocked, even Nicolette. Turning, she sat on him still, facing away from his head. A massive glob of spit from her mouth on his pantsless ass, and she fed the shop’s nozzle back into his anal cavity. His screams were getting louder; she used the same tape to hold the vacuum in place. Shaking it back and forth, Nicolette made sure it was secure before rising from his back. She had never heard a man cry like that. He was sobbing, again, calling for God. When would they ever learn?

“I warned you that I had a delivery to make. You ruined my rating, and now, well, I ruin your ass,” Nicolette said. Leaving the man lying on the floor, she walked out of the room, flipping the switch on the wall to turn the outlet. A whoosh of suction and screaming was all Nicolette heard as she headed out of the building. Oddly enough, she felt better.

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