Wrath 9

Not all nightmares begin when the lights dim. Some follow you around like a shadow of sins.

“Thanatos, I need to see you right, god damn now?” she screamed.

Hours later, sitting in the back of the church that her father died in, Nicolette called out to only God she knew. The God of death was now her only friend. Nicolette needed to understand who her visitor was, and why the hell was he bothering her. He had touched her most intimately, yet his hand never touched her body. Just sitting there forced the bile to churn in her stomach. She was sitting in the unholiest of houses. The place where her father died, and the parishioners’ walked by mourning over a rapist. She could still smell the urine that ran down his leg when she took his life, her ears ringing with his pleas for help. Thanatos may have claimed the soul, but Nicolette was the one who made sure he never hurt anyone again. She only wished she could have saved her mother before it was too late.

“You don’t need to scream, Nicolette,” Thanatos spoke. His voice dripped of pain, not his, but of all the souls that resided inside him.

Unbothered by his sarcasm, Nic looked forward, almost laughing as the altar boys lit the candles for the night prayer. She wondered if her father raped them too. Did he bend them over and demand they scream the Lords pray while he penetrated their ass? She wouldn’t doubt it. The good father was always on the Pope’s radar for his disobedient behavior from what she knew. It sickened her that it took a stranger to make him stop destroying the innocence of others.

“Who is he? Who is the man who visited me today? He,” she said, stopping. “He hurt my cousin, and now he’s visiting me. Thanatos, I feel as though I should know this man. Who was this creature who touched my innocence,” she whispered. Being in a worship house did not cause her to tone back her words or even the subject matter—the church walls bled with innocent blood.

His exhale smelling of brimstone, he knew this was something she would not understand. Not yet, at least. How could she?

“What if I told you that you met Lucifer today? That his DNA resides in the child that you are so desperate to save?” he said.

She pushed herself back into the pew, Nicolette’s jaw dropped, her heart pounding with fury. This fucking creature’s blood ran through the veins of Grace? How though. Her father was Kaine, and he was dead. There was no way the Devil spent his days out surfing with some teenage girl on the beach. Even she knew that was nonsense.

“You did this to her. It’s your fault this happened,” Thanatos added.

“WHAT? How the fuck did I do this to her? I saved her life when she was dying,” she cried.

“Yes, and you stopped the progression of death. Both names were placed in the book of souls, and you stopped their death when you brought the girl back to life,” he said. “Why do you think it’s imperative to keep that child and mother alive? She carries Lucifer’s DNA, and if she dies, his fury will destroy the world as we all know it,” said Thanatos.

Falling to her knees in the pew before her, Nicolette now knew the anger of Arison. She was only to sit with Mary while she died, not to bring her back. Nicolette unleashed Lucifer’s rage on the world. She placed her hands in the air, crying out, there was nothing she could do to save the world if they lost Grace, but what if she lived? What would happen when that child grew?

“Not Grace,” she screamed out. The boys that lit the candles stopped to look at the crazy woman on the floor, their face drawing up into an evil grin. Giggles from the church’s front, the childlike minions scurry from the room, there was nothing holy about these boys. Lucifer was playing with her mind. Not only did he taste her cousin on his hands, but her as well.

“Get up!” Thanatos demanded. Until now, his voice soft and without anger, he was growing agitated by the weak’s cries. If she were indeed the daughter of Lilith, she would figure out a way to save not only the child but the world around her.

“You have work to do. Do not fuck with Lucifer. His humor is sick. As you can tell from the recent world event,” Thanatos laughed as he dissipated into the air.

“What have I done,” Nicolette cried.

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