Wendigo 13

“BRODY,” Seth screamed.

There was no reason to be quiet anymore. Wendigo was out there, and it was only a matter of time before he found and devoured them all. Seth and Brody met when they were in elementary school, and though he should be chivalrous and save the females, it was his best friend who he worried about the most. Sometimes there is that one person in life that you would give up for life to save. That was the case here.

Remembering the first day of school, Seth was five years old and already heading down a rocky road. There was not saving the kid from killing small animals to even stealing sips from his mother’s whiskey glass. Well, not until Seth met Brody on the first day of school. One was carrying the best backpack, and the other, a torn sack from Walmart with broken pencils and a tattered old notebook that someone already wrote in. It was a friendship that should never happen, but the boys clung to each other, both helping each other in and out of skirmishes. Seth was the kind of kid that everyone made fun of, and Brody, his family, was well off and respected. Both boys are not at all alike, giving the pledge to stand by each other till the bitter end.

Pacing back and for, Seth knew it was coming. That monster’s scent came through with the last gust of the impending fall wind, forcing his stomach to tighten in fear. After seeing it once, he never wanted to see that thing again. Nothing alive should look like that, let alone smell as foul as the aroma that penetrated his nostrils each time the beast came a little to close.

“Fucking, Brody, where the hell are you, man?” Seth whispered. There was no way he was leaving that park without his best friend by his side.

Crawling through the underbrush, Brody didn’t stop until he heard Seth’s voice calling to him. A few more yards was all he needed to reach him when Wendigo’s talons grabbed his right leg, slicing through his blue jean pants. Screaming, Brody felt the first razor wound on his calf, sending a searing heat through his body. It felt as though his skin ripped from the bone the moment he cut through the muscle.

“SETH!” Brody screamed. His friend was his only hope to get this thing off of him.

Turning his head quickly in the direction of the scream, Seth knew that voice as well as he knew his own. What scared him the most was it was a painful cry for help. He knew it well. He heard the same one when Brody broke his arm falling from the makeshift treehouse they built. At the age of ten, both boys decided to run away from home. Twentyfour hours later, Brody laid screaming as he held his arm in pain. As he pulled up a piece of wood, the rope broke, wrapping around Brody’s arm and taking him fifteen feet below. Seth could hear the snap of bone the moment Brody hit the ground. That was the first time Brody’s parents told him to stay away from that trouble maker. Many times after that, they pleaded and begged him never to see the other kid again, but neither listened. Tonight both wish they had.

Dragged back with a sudden yank, Brody dug his fingers into the dirt, clawing the soil as his body moved closer to the monster. The only thought that raced through his head was that he hoped it went quickly.

Flipped to his back, Brody caught a real glimpse for the first time. The moon shining bright as the creature leaned his head back, mouth opening wide, and his teeth ready to end his suffering. He looked like something out of the Alien movie, but twice as big. Deep guttural growls let loose from the monster as his mouth moved down to take his prey.

“No, god, no,” Brody screamed, his eyes closing tight. If he was going to die, he wasn’t going to watch.

A minute passed, Brody opening his eyes as Seth hovered over him with a huge tree branch in his hand, and Wendigo out cold on the ground. Seth had once again hit it, but also, it wasn’t dead. He wasn’t sure that this thing could even die.

Reaching for his hand, Seth pulled him up, wrapping his arms around his best friend. “Man, we need to get the hell out of here before he comes to, or that old bastard comes back. We don’t have long. I didn’t hit him that hard,” Seth said, releasing his friend.

“Wait, what about Olivia and Sarah?” Brody panicked.

“Both of them are dead. Let’s go. Fuck, let’s go now,” Seth said.

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