She’s gone

The walls her coffin, she laid in state mourning the loss of the definition of love. Eyes closed, she watched the pain slip away from her soul. One by one, they passed by, dropping flowers on her chest, crying from the loss of the girl who loved the boy with arsenic-laced lies.

A.J. Luna

Genie, you’re free!

We all suffer from a little bit of mental illness. Whether it be depression, anxiety, and so many more. The one thing people forget is that “Normal” does not exist. There is no normal person because God didn’t make us boring for a reason. So honestly, let be nicer to everyone. #8-11-2014RIPGenieĀ 

You’re free.

Our story

Every word he spoke left a memory across my flesh. With his fingers hovering over my back, he wrote his invisible masterpiece for only me to read. Prickles of lust rising, I read the greatest story ever told. Together we wrote a story that only we knew. Two hearts becoming one, she will never exist without his love.