Don’t open the door

Adult content

Last week I was to meet a client in Vegas, and instead of the usual flight, I decided to drive. What a better way to appreciate this land of ours then to see it firsthand. Nothing horrible can happen. I mean, that shit is just in the cheesy porns and the horror flicks. WRONG!

Dave had given me the information about the date. He had booked me for Friday and Saturday evening. Leaving in the middle of the week, my friends thought I had lost my mind, but I think they might have been a little jealous. It’s Vegas, who doesn’t want to spend time there? I could shop during the day and spend a few days relaxing by the pool. I’m not old enough to gamble yet, but that never really interested me. I have more than enough money, and the one-arm bandits weren’t getting the rest.

I questioned my sanity when I broke down in the middle of nowhere, and the little gas station had to order the water pump for my car. They had one motel, a gas station, and a diner. After getting dinner, I found that there was one vacancy left in the motel. Oddly enough, there were no cars their other than those that belonged to the girl at the counter. She looked like her family tree went straight up and avoided branching out. She was kind enough, though. She took me to my room and even helped me find the best place to get a signal on my cell phone. I made a call that I might be a little late, but the guy at the gas station assured me I wouldn’t. I like to cover all my bases.

Never once did I imagine what happened next. It was 2 am, and there was a knock at the door. No one knew I was there, so what the hell. Wrapping myself in the hotel sheet, I was flung back to the bed and held down the moment I opened the door.

“Who the fuck? Why the hell?” I asked.

My sentences were not making sense, but I was rattled and scared. I was held to the bed by two men in dead president masks in the middle of nowhere. Was this a bad reference to point break? The moment I went to scream, my mouth hand tape covering it, and they were telling me to shut up, or they would make sure I never spoke again. Suddenly this was real. They were going to kill me in the godforsaken place, and no one would ever know. I would be buried in the middle of this shit hole town and my car sent to Mexico. All of this was all in my mind, of course.

Little did I know; this was the date for the weekend. My client had arranged this and was watching from a two-way mirror in the other room. He had the fantasy of seeing a woman taken against her will.

Already naked and tied down, the moment the bed shifted, I screamed, but only a murmur heard. I know what he was going to do. He was going to forcibly penetrate my pussy, his cock would rip open my tight walls, and it would be for his pleasure. One thrust and my cunt were taken over by what felt like a massive force deep inside my impenetrable walls. I wasn’t wet. He would have to use his saliva to make the passage comfortable for him. Of course, he wasn’t worried if I liked it. It was all about him. His cock was the one seeking pleasure. Not me. All he wanted to do to me is break that little pussy. God, this Man was brutal with the way he pulled back to the head each time, reopening my walls each time he re-entered my cunt.

Thrust after thrust, he slammed into my core with a force that I knew would leave me bleeding and bruised. This Man was an animal in his needs. With one final grunt, he was done, but was I? No. I would take the other three before they ran in the night, leaving me alone and still tied to the bed. Tied to a bed would be how I died, or so I assumed.

After an hour, the door sounded again, but this time it was the client. Explaining that this was his fantasy, he slowly entered me, my pussy already filled with cum, and he wanted to be the last one inside. He wanted the sloppy cum fill hole that the others had previously used. It only took a few thrusts, and he was done, but the fact that he slid out and went down to clean the mess freaked me out. He not only devoured his cum but that of the other Men. His tongue pushing deep inside, he pushed on my lower abdomen to make sure he got every drop. Lapping it all up, he finally untied me and was gone.

My car was fixed by morning and waiting outside my door. I was paid an extra five grand for my experience, but I will never forget this. We all know never to pick up a stranger, never hitchhike, but I am going to suggest that unless you liked this, never stay in a little roadside motel alone, and if you have to, never open the door at 2 am.

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