Wendigo 10

“Oh shit. That’s not real,” Brody said. He rubbed his eyes to clear his view, but his mind already knew the truth. Brody had caught the attention of the legend he never thought to be true. It was something parents told kids to get them to behave or to sleep. This creature that stood only yards away from him was one that had frightened him for years. Native American parents used the legend of Wendigo to keep their children from misbehaving, or so he thought. All he could hope for was to make up tomorrow and never hide from the truth again.

One step after another, the beast moved closer to the couple, before the two found the courage within themselves to fight back. Picking up rocks, throwing them at the oversized mythical creature, a few hit, but most landed beside him as his stride increased with each blow to his body.

“Big, get the bigger one,” Sarah screamed.

“Run Sarah, just fucking run,” Brody said.

As Sarah took off across the park, Brody went full force towards the creature, the knife extended and ready to strike. The stench of rotting flesh brought bile up, forcing Brody to swallow it quickly. One slash across the chest and all the hit was bone. This thing was so emancipated that there was no flesh on the skeleton. The heart pumping, the knife missed the vital organ by only inches. Stabbing him in the ribs, Brody expected blood to spray, but there was none. Not a drop of blood when he retracted the knife, plunging it once again inside the beast. A deep guttural roar came from the monster as the monster fell to his knees. He wasn’t dead but wounded. Not waiting to find out, Brody took off in the direction of where Sarah ran, not stopping until he caught of with his three friends, his face contorting in a state of shock.

“It’s down. I hurt it. We need to get the fuck out of here,” Brody panted. It wasn’t dead, but they had a window of opportunity to get out of the park before it regained it’s strength and came after them. Right now, he was sure it was mad, and a pissed off Wendigo was nothing he wanted to challenge. Without looking back, the four of them rushed towards the park’s opening, the moans of the beast not far behind them. He was up, and he was pissed. Tonight was the first time someone challenged the creature, and he wasn’t happy. That and his stomach was once again growling and in need of a meal.

Wendigo grew in size and strength with each meal. His agility to get across the park at record speed was that of an Olympic runner. Outmatched by none, he watched as the four teenagers ran through the park, their ability nothing compared to his. He took three steps to their one, stopping them 100 yards from the entrance, but this time, he was not alone. Standing next to the creature was Jimmy, the only man who could control the beast.

The four teens stopped dead in their tracks, all of them screaming at Jimmy to run. To save himself, but none knew that the creature was standing next to the only one that could save their lives.

“Run, Jimmy, run before he kills you too,” Seth screamed. He was the most unlikely adversary to the older man, but as man, as he was earlier, he didn’t want to see him dead. Not like this. Not like they had seen with the other man. No one deserved that.

With a smug look on his face, Jimmy stood back and confirmed their worst nightmare. He wasn’t there to save them. He was there to feed his pet.

“Settle down, Wendigo won’t hurt me, but he did save me a lot of trouble tonight. He found his meal. A four-course dinner tonight,” Jimmy laughed. Shifting from side to side, the older male kept his distance from the creature, not fully trusting him, but he knew he had a better chance of survival than those three kids. “I can’t deal with this mess right now, though, so you got about an hour before the park closes down. If you make it out alive, you’re free, but if you don’t, well,” Jimmy smiled, looking to the beast, “He gets a hot meal. If you agree to this, no one ever talks, if not, Wendigo gets the early bird special and eats now. The choice is yours.”

The four teenagers looked at each other, scared to death, but what choice did they have? They either took their chances for escape or were the next meal for the thing, this monster.

“I want my parents,” Olivia cried.

Sarah clung to her in fear, the tears running down her face as she looked at her friends, whispering, “Run, just run.”

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