Wendigo 9

“Hey, did you see that?” Olivia asked.

Pointing to the restroom about 25 feet from them, Olivia brought Seth’s attention to the towering figure by the door. There was no way it was human. Not at that height. Even from a distance, she could tell it was almost twice her size in height.

“What the fuck is that?” Seth asked.

Both of the teens were front and center for the feeding. Grunts and growls echoed through the wooded area, the moment the man walked from the restroom, the creature pounced. One slice of the razor-like talon and the head decapitated from the male victim. Next, the human ripped limb from limb, his body devoured within seconds of death. The blood illuminating in the moonlight, bother Seth and Olivia stood stunned at what they witnessed.

“Oh god, Seth, the creature, you didn’t lie,” Olivia cried.

Seth had no idea that the Native American folklore of Wendigo was real. He thought it was another drunken rambling from his mother to scare the kids into behaving.

“I didn’t know. I swear to god, I thought it was a joke,” he whispered.

As though frozen in time, the two teens watched as the beast consumed the meal, unable to move. It wasn’t until the red eyes of the animal-focused only on them that they fully understand the danger that loomed ahead. Whispering, Seth leaned over to Olivia, trying to form the words to run, but his voice caught in his throat. Handing linked, when he finally spoke, the words were a scream that caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end.

“RUN,” Seth screamed.

Hand in hand, the two teens turned, running deep into the park, knowing the beast blocked the entrance to the park. The sounds of running behind them told them both that this would be the fight of their lives.

“BRODY, SARAH, RUN,” they screamed. Their friends would be sitting ducks if they didn’t get out of there before this thing found out there was more than just the two in the woods. Little did either know that menacing diabolical beast behind them already knew, and with each life taken, he grew strong and capable of taking them all at once.

“Brody, somethings wrong. Olivia would never scream like that. We need to go, please,” Sarah pleaded. Her eyes brimmed with tears, the young girl pulled back, standing, and reaching for Brody’s hand. She was terrified but didn’t want to seem like a baby because she heard a noise. “For me? Please. Let’s go,” grabbing his hand tight, almost dragging him along behind her. It wasn’t until they reached the outline of the trees did she see it. Two figures were running, and one sizeable animalistic silhouette following behind in a fast-paced walk.

“Oh shit, call the cops. Brody, call someone now,” she begged.

Reaching into his pocket, grabbing his cell, Brody dialed 911. The police station was only three blocks from the park, but when they picked up the phone, he knew they were on their own. “Brody, I will call your parents again. Your last prank cost the city thousands of dollars,” said the dispatcher.

“Listen to me, you fucking bitch, my best friend, and his girl are dying. You fucking bitch,” he growled into the phone.

“Oh god, Brody, you’re going to get in trouble talking that way,” Sarah gasped.

“She hung up before I did. They won’t come, so we’re on our own,” Brody said.

Brody tucked the phone back in his pocket, pulling out a small knife, flipping it open as he looked at her, “We need to kill it before it kills us. We can’t be scare, Sarah. We need to do this for Seth and Olivia.”

In agreement, they walked out of the covering hand in hand, screaming to distract their friends’ attention.

“Come and get us asshole. Hey, fuck face, come and fight like a real man,” Brody yelled. When the beast stopped and turned to their direction, Brody knew he made a mistake. It was there he realized that wasn’t a man, that was Wendigo.

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