Wendigo 8

“Can you believe that crap?” Brody said.

Shaking his head, Seth was pissed, but right now, his focus was on the girl whose hand he was holding. Plus, he knew Jimmy, and one day, that man was going to get a brick to the back of his head while he slept. Of course, that was just Seth acting tough, but he hated people who thought they could tell him what to do.

“Forget it, man, later we will pay a visit to Jimmy,” Seth said.

Brody shrugged it off, letting the anger cool for a minute. He wasn’t the badass he tried to be, but with Olivia and Sarah present, Brody wanted to show them that he didn’t get pushed around.

All four of the teens walked further into the park. The sounds of the kids screaming and the music from the carousel now silent. None of them knew that Wendigo was starving to death, and tonight he craved more than the one morsel that Jimmy usually fed him.

Clinging to Seth, Olivia was scared. She knew of the stories that the kids talked about when visiting this place at night. Of course, all of them urban legends. It was too farfetched to be true. “Seth, I’m scared,” she whispered. If Olivia’s parents knew she was alone with a boy, she would have her phone and car taken away. That was what they always threatened to do. For a teenage girl, that was as close to social death as she wanted ever to go.

“Nothing here can hurt you, but maybe,” looking off to the water, smirking, “The creature. It will rip every bit of your skin off and toss what’s left to the fish. Just stay close.” Seth was lying, but that was a story his mother told him, and his siblings were able enough to go out of the house alone. Most of them not old enough, but Opal didn’t care as a normal mother would.

“Seth, that’s not funny,” Olivia cried. Turning her body into his, she buried her face in his chest. It was a little because she was scared, but she just wanted to be closer to him for the most part. A twig snapping in the brush about 50 feet from them snapped each back to reality. Thankfully it was just a rabbit running through the park trying to escape the humans that invaded the wooded area.

“Seth, I’m going to walk Sarah over to the edge of the river and show her that place where you almost drown,” Brody said. Tugging on her hand before Seth could go ballistic, Brody had one thing on his mind. Being alone with Sarah, and if he was lucky getting a kiss, or more. He hoped for more but wasn’t pushing that. Unlike Seth, his parents raised him to respect women and treat them like they meant more than a one night stand.

“Sarah, be careful,” Olivia said.

“Don’t get eaten by the creature,” Sarah added, laughing.

As the couple separated, the creature watched. Emancipated and starving, it was almost impossible for the monster to take another, but the sound of a solo person walking caught his attention. It was much easier to take down one than it would be to slaughter an entire group. If he were to gain his strength, he would need to feed. Those four would need to wait. There were only two ways out of the park, and one of them would require a body bag and the other, the ability to swim.

“Brody, this is not just tonight, right?” Sarah asked. Sitting on a log by the rushing water, she was worried that the entire school would call her a whore is they found out she was alone with a boy.

Laughing, Brody wrapped his arm around the girl, pulling her closer to his body, “No. I like you, Sarah.” Stumbling a little for his words, Brody did like her. She wasn’t fat like Seth said. Sarah had always been perfect for him. “I always have,” he added. When she looked up at him, Brody took advantage and kissed her for the first time. A soft press of his lips to hers, he felt the ease of the butterflies in his stomach for the first time since they were alone.

Brody and Sarah lost in the kiss. The couple never heard the screams from across the park. Seth and Olivia, they witnessed it all, and the horror that was about to unfold would take them both into the pits of hell. At almost ten feet tall, Wendigo was getting stronger with each kill, and this was his second human tonight. There was a reason this town didn’t have a homeless problem, and now Seth and Olivia knew why.

“RUN,” Seth screamed.

“Did you hear that?” Sarah said.

“It’s just Olivia. Seth must have kissed her,” Brody laughed.

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