Wendigo 7

Huddled in the corner of the park, Jimmy pulled that damn thing from his pocket, slipping his reading glasses to the bridge of his nose, and squinted to see the screen. That damn thing was the cell phone he hated with all that he was. He rejected modern technology every chance he got, but right now, Jimmy needed help.

“Listen to me, he’s out, and he’s hungry,” Jimmy said. With his hand cupping the phone to quiet the conversation, he spoke to Daniel Lightfoot about the beast’s appearance. Usually, he would handle this without the council knowing, but not tonight. It was different this time, and the fear Jimmy had for so many years was coming to light. After caring for the beast for many years, Jimmy knew one thing, tonight he must die. It was the only way they could find peace in this sleepy little town. The man was aging. Who would care for the beast when he was gone?

Daniel listened, but it was out of his hands. Jimmy was the one chosen. “There is nothing that I can do to help you, Jimmy. The elder chose you to care for the creature for a reason. It would be best if you controlled him, or he will destroy all of us. I can’t talk right now, do it,” Daniel said. Before Jimmy could reply, he disconnected the call. Daniel knew that Jimmy’s season with the beast was coming to an end, but he couldn’t tell the man. Sworn to secrecy, Daniel felt grief. He honestly liked the older man.

“You son of a bitch,” Jimmy ranted. Shaking the phone, he walked from the park to the edge of the river. In a fit of rage, Jimmy tossed the phone in the rushing waters below. The moment the phone left his hand, he realized that he had no way to contact anyone, and he was now on his own.

“Johnny,” a mother called out in a frantic cry for help.

Before he could panic, a fair-haired toddler ran to the waiting arms of his mother. That was the defining moment for Jimmy. Tonight, he would kill the beast and bring his town back to safety. He couldn’t cover for the creature anymore. The older he was, and the closer he got to death, the more Jimmy knew he would be walking down instead of up when he died. That didn’t sit well with the older man.

As he stood right inside the chainlink fence, his anger grew once again. There were two main rules for this place. You couldn’t smoke in the park, and there was no cussing. Of course, Jimmy broke that rule plenty of times on his own.

“Seth, Brody, get the hell out of here now. You two know the rules here about smoking. Get out before I call your drunk ass mama, and you, Brody, know your folks don’t like what you around that piece of pond scum,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy’s yelling alerted security, or the kids called the rent a cop retard the patrolled when the real cops didn’t.

“Bubba, get these two out of here now,” Jimmy said. Waving for the obese male to remove the two kids from the part, these two were the last thing he wanted to deal with tonight. Sure, he could have fed Seth to the creature tonight, but instead, he was going to make sure no one died on his watch. Not again, Never again.

By the back of the shirt, Bubba escorted the two boys from the park, but it wasn’t without a struggle or the language rule broken.

“You fat ass rent a pig, I didn’t do shit,” Seth screamed.

Brody kept quiet. The last thing he needed was his parents called over this. The warned him a week ago if they caught him with the Hightower kid again, his car was theirs, and he would have to take the public bus. Have you ever taken the big yellow retard bus? He wasn’t doing that now that he was a senior.

“Seth, come on. Just shut up and let’s go. Fuck this place,” Brody said. He looked over to the two girls that caught their attention for the night, motioning them to come along. “Come on. They can’t tell us to get out of the other part of the park. Let’s go,” he smirked. Brody wanted to spend some time alone with Sarah, and what a better place than over under the covered picnic area? It was pitch black, and whatever happened would be between the two of them, not the entire city.

“Good goddamn riddance. Both of you two aren’t welcome back,” Jimmy added.

Hand in hand, the four teens, walked off into the park. Jimmy watched them until they disappeared. He couldn’t tell them about the creature. If they died, the blood wasn’t on his hands. Everyone knew that the park wasn’t safe at night, but these four were at the mercy of their hormones and stupidity. God help them all.

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