Left behind

Nothing is real, and the fantasies all fade to black. Have you ever danced with the Devil? I have.

“Please, Mommy, please don’t leave me,” She cried and sat on the curb, watching the woman leave. Her mother, an addict, having a teen was too much for her anymore. Her boyfriend’s stopped looking at her and took notice of the developing young girl. She would later claim she did this for the girl’s own good, but it was vanity that drove that car away. Her looks were fading, and that perfect reflection of her youth was haunting her dreams. She could no longer compete with someone untainted or stained.

For the young girl, hours passed, the sun beat down on the back of her head. No-one stopped to ask if she was okay. The world is hard, and humanity is a rare emotion for most. People forget that we throw away garbage, not human lives. This little girl was not a statistic of a disposable society. 

A forgotten soul, she sat there for 5 hours before she broke. All it took was five hours for all hope to die. Picking herself up, she pulled down her t-shirt, adjusted the shorts that barely covered her ass, and flipped off the world. Since the moment she could understand, she knew that women could make money with their bodies. That was the day she learned that she was nothing. She was less than a human because she was born a female.

Fast forward this a few years. On that same corner stood the remnants of youth. The girl was eighteen now, and the harshness of life aged her to the point of no repair. Dressed in salvation army’s finest, the clothing left little to the imagination. No longer did she pull it down to cover herself, she now made sure they saw what they were buying. Her stomach protruding, she carried extra baggage with her—a reminder to never let them pay more if they want to go bareback. Five months pregnant, that mistake was neither wanted nor needed. How the hell could she work with a brat at her side? Thankfully she had four months before she would deal with that.

He yelled from the car, his voice gruff and demanding. She already didn’t like him. It doesn’t take much to be kind to someone, but what could a whore expect? She quoted him the price. Negotiating for ten bucks less, it had been a day since she ate, so that didn’t take much. The kid was taking a lot from her already malnourished body. She would settle for the bottom dollar and meet him in the alley. He didn’t want to use her pay by the week motel room. Most didn’t.

In the front seat of the car, she gave him a blow job. Her mouth taking his cock deep, he fucked her throat till she bled on his cock. Fisting her matted hair, forcing his cock deeper, the slaps on his legs for breath went unnoticed. He did not care. A whore was nothing but a hole to use. Sort of a hazard of the job. Cumming before she passed out, his cum shot down her throat even though she had told him to pull out and cum on her face. He did not care about her. She was on his dime, and he made the rules.

“Get the fuck out of my car, whore!” he demanded. 

He left without a kind word, a thank you, or even a tip. He put this small girl out of the car and drove off with satisfaction and contentment. A whore does not deserve respect. If she wanted that, she wouldn’t lay on her back for a career.

Screaming out, the child was coming. No healthcare during pregnancy, she couldn’t bother with that. As the nurses looked and silently judged. This baby girl came into the world screaming and look like the whore that bore her. Dark locks, big blue eyes, and a set of lungs that could rattle the world. The only difference was, she was not jaded to the harsh realities that she now faced.

Named by the nurses, taken to an orphanage, and left to survive without the love of a mother. All of this so familiar, and the circle continued. But for this little Angel, she still had hoped at a better life. Unlike her mother.

She was checking herself out of the hospital against doctors’ orders. The little girl inside of her needed to go home. As she sat on that same corner that her mother left her on, tears fell. She mourned for the life of a child she would never know, and for her own. She died that day. The doctors would say she hemorrhaged, but a broken heart took her. She stopped fighting the world around her and allowed her soul to feel again. Sometimes being heartless is the only way to save your life. Even a common whore deserves to be loved. 

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