Wendigo 5

Propped up next to the concession stand, Olivia watched as Seth Hightower took the verbal beating from his little sister. Normally, she would have laughed, but she liked the boy. Of course, the entire town knew about his mother and her drinking problem, but Olivia never said a word. The other kids would laugh and call him a bastard, but she had known Seth since first grade, and back then, he wasn’t so angry. They even shared lunch. Well, she would give him part of hers. His mother was too lazy to fill out the forms for the free lunches. Plus, she claimed she wasn’t any charity case. Hell, half the school was eating for free. Opal made her kids go hungry to save a reputation she didn’t even have. She was a crappy parent, and everyone knew.

“Did you hear that?” Sarah asked. Laughing, Sarah came from the same type that Brody did. Parents who worked at the town’s oil company and they stunk of money and snobbiness.

“Shut up, Sarah. Look at him. That little brat needs her butt spanked. Poor Seth,” Olivia said. She wouldn’t allow her friend to downgrade people, well, not Seth, at least.

“Touchy,” Sarah laughed, but she knew that Olivia was crushing hard. Handing over a bag of cotton candy that she had purchased, Sarah watched as both boys walked in their direction, breathing so hard it hurt.

“Oh crap,” Olivia whispered.

“I can’t. I just can’t,” said Sarah as she turned away from the boys, watching them in the window of the food stand. It wasn’t clean, but she could still see them.

“Hey,” Olivia said. Both boys now standing in front of them, she elbowed Sarah hard, “Sarah, weren’t we just talking about these two?”

Turning around slow, Sarah smiled, but inside she was killing Olivia with invisible daggers. Nodding her head, stuffing more cotton candy in her mouth, “Oh yeah. I was telling Olivia that you two look lost.”

Seth had shaken off the comments from his sister, though inside, he knew they would revisit him later. Both boys looking at each other smirking, they nodded, “How about you two show us around. Maybe a ride on the barrels over there,” Seth said. He didn’t have any money, but it didn’t matter. He never paid for the rides. At over six feet tall, the kids that ran the attraction feared him. His reputation followed him everywhere he went.

Giggles from the girls, they both shook their heads, agreeing to go with them. Neither cared about the reputation they would get if seen with these two. All the other girls would be jealous, and at their age, that’s all you need.

“For sure, yeah, let’s go,” Olivia said.

Nodding in agreement, Sarah chewed her lip, looking over at Brody with puppy dog eyes and a smile. She knew her parents would approve of him because he came from their kind of family. Upper class and he would attend college. Seth would be lucky not to be in prison before the year was out.

As the four approached the little pimple face kid working the ride shook. He knew he was in trouble just by the look on Seth’s face. Rather than confront him, he opened the gate, pointed to two empty cars, and prayed they wouldn’t punch him again. Earlier, Brody slugged him in the stomach when he asked for tickets. His balls still felt like they were in his stomach.

“The ride is free this round. Enjoy,” said the ride operator.

When the four of them were locked secure in the car, he finally could breathe again. Before the ride stopped, he would call someone over to cover him to escape the pain he knew was coming. Seth Hightower might let him pass once, but never twice.

Round and round, the four sat in two cars, Seth and Olivia in one, and the other, Brody and Sarah. Laughing for the first time that night, Seth felt the pain of earlier slipping away.

“Hey, cover my ride. I need to take a piss,” the boy working the ride called to one of the girls walking around. It was the perfect time to get away because the attraction had less than a minute left before stopping. Plus, some kid puked over the side, and he would need to clean it. Every night at least one little brat puked up the food from the concession stand.

Running for the porta-potty, the kid stepped inside, locked the door, and looked around for the stench. It wasn’t the usual smell. It smelled like rotting meat. Gagging, he unzipped, relieving himself in the open hole when he noticed a small object in the water below. It looked like a watch, but was it worth reaching into feces and urine for a watch?

“Whatever, I can wash my hands,” he said. Reaching down into space below, he never saw the hand reach up, yanking him into the hole. Before he could scream, Wendigo would take his first human meal of the night.

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