Secret sex

“Gypsy, you have a client who is wanting you for 24 hours. He will send the itinerary over in a few hours. I will fax it to you.”

Dave didn’t even look up from his food. He lost himself in a bowl of pasta, when I left, a dribble of the sauce dripping down his chin. It was a little repulsive. When you work in an industry filled with beautiful people, you don’t get excited anymore. The necessities of life become prevalent.

I arrived home just as the fax came through. I ignored it for a moment. The shower was more of what I needed. The way the water kissed over my flesh forced me to linger a bit, fantasize as my fingers caressed over my soft folds. Pushing the digits inside, the shrill of the phone stopped my exploration. I wouldn’t finish now, but later, this need would be sedate.

Stopped by a telemarketer had to be the icing on the cake. Selling home security, I tried five times to discourage them, but had to hang up in self-defense. It was at that time when I started reading over the fax. Shocked would be an understatement.

The car will arrive at 8 pm, please pack for a three-day stay, though your only needed for 24 hours. Your flight leaves at 10 pm, and you will arrive in Los Vegas by dawn. The limo driver will ask for the non-disclosure. I assume you understand the need for discretion at all times. Please be aware that you will not be staying at my house. I have obtained a hotel room for you.

You will arrive at the hotel for breakfast. Please eat, shower, and nap. At 7 pm you will need to be at my home for a production release party. Please dress in formal attire.

The next 12 hours were a blur. I had signed the non-disclosure and gave it to the driver. Flown to Vegas, and now I was standing in the client’s home’s entryway. I can’t mention his name, but wow, this was earth-shattering.

“He’s expecting you. The other guests have arrived, but you are to meet him in the office. If you will follow me!”

Straight to the point, the Butler spoke in a heavy British accent. He was about 5o, grey hair, and slender. He looked like he could have fallen from a James Bond movie and landed right here. In my head, I had named him Jeeves.

“Gypsy, so nice to see you. I trust you got everything you needed?”

In awe, my head shook a little. I was standing in the same room as this man whom I had fantasized about so often. His voice was that of an angel, but I knew he was no saint. He was a pure devil. All the tabloids confirmed he was one of the biggest assholes in Hollywood. Right now, though, he was perfect. Biting down on my bottom lip, I needed to pull myself together. This was no way for a grown woman to behave.

“Of course. The flight was nice, and the room, well, it’s beautiful.”

After a 3 second internal fight with my common sense, I was back. There is no possible way that I want to be a star gazing little fool. He enlightened me about the party going on. It was a new album release. Living the life he did, it wasn’t profitable for him to settle with one woman. Since he wanted sex later, I was a sure thing.

As the clean crew worked diligently on the house, the two of us retired to the pool. Clothing dropping on the cement patio. I love sex in the water. Shocked, he was well endowed. So much so that I gasped a bit, giving him the ego boost he was seeking. Every man likes to know he can pleasure a woman. He would please me repeatedly with that monster cock.

“Lay back on the edge of the pool. I haven’t had a pussy I wanted to eat in years. Yours is magnificent.”

I swear I blushed. I have never had my pussy complimented like that before. Doing as told, I laid the towel on the concrete. My legs remained in the water as he spread me open. How can you prepare for this? He was, well, who he was, and I was a whore. Starting at my toes, he suckled each digit into his mouth, his tongue tracing them in a seductive dance. I will admit that I love this. It’s erotic the way he played each little piggy. He was making love to the perfectly manicured little tootsies. He sucked each one as though it was my clit, and he was trying to make me cum. Honestly, I almost did a few times.

One foot, and then the other, his mouth worked its way up to my heated center. By now, there was a delicate trickle of liquid love trailing from my pussy. He blew softly, his air enveloped my wet lips, sending shivers up and down my spine. Between the night air, and his mouth, I was on the edge of explosion. It was too soon to come. I didn’t want to ruin this. A swirl of his tongue over my clit, I had to reach down and grab the pool’s edge to stop myself from riding his face. I’m sure he would like it, but I didn’t know his boundaries yet.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Whimpering, my voice called out like a beacon. Being a vocal lover, I know that most men love when a woman encourages them. The actions of his tongue proved that to be true. Dividing my slit with the tip of his oral muscle, my clit throbbed the moment he wrapped his lips around the bundle of nerves. My shaking couldn’t be sedated. The talents of his oral skills had a flood of fluids dripping down my crack, pooling beneath my ass.

A hand crept down my body, tangling in his hair, I fed him my sweet entrance, lost each time his tongue dipped into my tiny pink rim. A circle drawn around my precious little peach, I heard him sucking the sweetness from my honeycomb. He was slurping from the fountain, my pussy squirting into his mouth. I drenched his face with my sweet, liquid love. Cumming was a surprise. I had the moment he pushed the tip inside of me. The tip of his tongue that is. His dick would come soon, but right now, the waves of rapture cascaded through my veins, and heaven found.

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