Wrath 8

Every inch of her body now shaken to the core, Nicolette now knew why her cousin feared this entity. She never felt lust until the moment he touched her, and now she sat in the middle of the living room, shaking as though she orgasmed. What the hell was that man? Even Arison never touched her as he did.

“WHAT ARE YOU?” she screamed! Her voice was echoing through the home. The sudden need to get out of there was intense. With her entire body on fire, Nicolette knew that the only way to sedate this without sexual interaction was to take another soul from this dying world. She had a few hours before she was to return to the hospital with dinner for her cousin, and this would need to be quick and brutal. The need to slaughter someone rushed through her veins like a river of hot lava.

Hours later, sitting in the car as she waited for the food to be ready to pick up, Nicolette closed her eyes, reflecting on the earlier events. She knew what she did, and for a moment felt sick because the little bit of remorse that she once had, was gone. Nicolette remembered the events like a movie playing in her head. It was odd to live on the outside and watch the wrath of destruction she caused.

“Give me your god damn car,” the male screamed. Running to the window, he banged ferociously with his fists as a group of men chased behind. Dirt streaked with sweat covered the man’s face. Nicolette could almost hear his heartbeat on the outside of his chest. It was clear that if she didn’t help him, they would kill him anyway. She always learned that it’s best to put an animal down in a humane way.

“Get in. I will take you where you need to go, but you will not take my car,” she said. Nicolette popped the locks on the car door, knowing this was the stupidest thing she had ever done. This man could have a gun for all she knew, but, then again, the knife under her skirt would settle the score. She might look like a pushover, but there was nothing about this woman that would give someone reason to think they could take advantage of her.

Running to the other side of the car, getting in quick, the man screamed for her to floor it before they reached the car. “Move it. Get the fuck out of here,” he demanded.

Pulling away with the tires screeching, Nicolette wondered for a moment if this was the sign she needed. Was it Thanatos testing her again? Or maybe this was just fate. Pulling up to the stoplight, she never expected a stranger to be sitting in the car next to her. Sure, she wasn’t complaining because it would save her a trip to skidrow to find someone to relieve her stress.

“Who the hell are you?” she asked. Her voice was shaking with a fake quiver. She wanted to give him a reason for her to kill him. It was always easier when they do something to provoke you.

Looking over, the male snarled as he spoke, “Shut the fuck up, you dumb whore. Just fucking drive.” She could now tell why they were after him, and the laughter fell from her lips with ease. He would be the easiest one of all. Calling her a whore would prove to be his fatal mistake.

“Whore? Are you seriously going to call me a whore?” she asked. Knowing she needed to get him out of the car, Nicolette slammed on the brakes, ripped the keys from the ignition, and ran from the vehicle. It wasn’t that she wanted to get away, but she did want him out of the car when she brought him to his knees. It would be hard to explain to her cousin why the front seat looked like a blood bath.

“Bitch, come back here. I didn’t want to do this, but you leave me no fucking choice,” he said. Following a slow running Nicolette, the male pulled the loop on his belt, unzipping his pants as he walked.

He made this far to easy on her the moment he had the rape thought in his mind. Tripping on purpose, she landed on her back, screaming at the man, “Please don’t hurt me. Take the money from my purse.” God, she wanted to laugh even harder. Slipping the knife from under her dress, she allowed him to get on her, pull her skirt up, and also pull his dick from his jeans’ confines. Nicolette wanted to give him a little hope before she took it all away.

A quick slap to her face, the man looked down, laughing, “Didn’t your mother tell you never to pick up strangers?”

“My mother is fucking dead,” she laughed, the knife in her fist as she brought it up to his dick, stabbing into him until the bone’s resistance stopped her from going deeper. One, then another, she pulled the knife back, stabbing him until his body was a dead weight on top of her, and she felt the last bit of life leave his body.

It’s a beautiful feeling when you take a life that is so deserving. Pushing him off, Nic retracted the knife for the last time, running the flat blade over her tongue to collect the devils due.

A quick knock on the window, bringing her back to reality, the woman on the other side smiled as she held the food in her hand that Nicolette had ordered.

“Thank you, have a blessed day,” said Nicolette as the woman walked away.

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