Short story – Demon lust

Warning: Content contain things some would find blasphemous and unsettling. Beware this is your only warning.

“Jesus, I beg of you. Do not allow this to happen. You have the power to stop such a thing from transpiring.”

Of course, the words spoken fell on deaf ears. It’s written that Jesus Christ would be crucified, and days later, he would rise from the earth to walk among us once again. The following was his twisted fate.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

A robust woman. Some would say she was a Saint. Others would call the woman a Sinner. A whore! She was not clean, nor was she worthy of being in the presence of a man such as Jesus. Yet, with all this said, before death, he would give in to the sins of the flesh with her.

Alone in a church, the Male stood at the makeshift altar. His long hair hanging down is strands of unwashed straw. The scent of a day’s walk on his body. Clothed only in rags, at 6 foot 3, his presence in the holy lot overshadowed even the beauty of the building’s structure. The dim light from the candles to each side of the crumbling pews, his eyes fell to one thing only—the silhouette of a woman who would be sacrificed for his last humanly pleasure.

Spending hours before the act bathing in the blessed waters. One filled with herbs and spices, she would feel the burning in her loins. She was not only one of the most beautiful women on earth, but her round hips, pronounced breasts, and seductive eyes pulled him closer without a movement made. As she inched her form closer to his, it would be known that she was the one woman who stood before Jesus in her purest form.

Closing his eyes, reaching out to the woman in front of him, the man who would be king, dealt a blow so blasphemous that the walls around him shook. “Get on your knees whore! My fucking cock needs to be bathed in the salvation of your mouth, and cleansed by your serpent tongue,” a growl erupted. His tone was foreign to him. Was the Devil himself taking residence in him? There was no doubt that the filth he would spew was the work of Lucifer.

She stood there, her mouth dropping open, his hand clenched her throat to demand her obedience. A gentle clench to the arteries of her slender neck, she fell with a thud. For many years, she had known Jesus, but this was not him. Even the pungent odors filling her senses were not of the man she adored. He was taken by something so unnatural that she couldn’t bring his name to her lips. His dirty hands released her neck, only to grasp the strands of her hair and move her to his groin. He rubbed the tattered clothing against her face. His cock erect underneath the fabric. He rubbed that massive member over her face, her tears drying on the linen.

“Please, for the love of all holy, do not do this. I do not know this creature who stands before me. He is not Jesus. He is…..” her words stopped as the hand that held her petted her gently. A con artist that could make the world love him as he led them to their demise

“Shhhh, there is no need to worry. I wish you no harm. I only seek refuge in your mouth,” his grin pulled to a smirk, the lies of the beast flow from this demonic man. As she sat on her knees hypnotized by words, he dropped the gown he wore. She would see him through the eyes of love. His body slender, thighs muscular, chest defined by hours of hard work, and his tone kissed by the sun.

Tall, skin burnt by the fires below, and his cock oversized and filled with pronouncing veins. The head was already dripping his seed when uncovered. Smearing the head over her face, she reacted by closing her eyes. Traces of pre-cum trailing over her flesh in an acidic burn. He would not stop until she willingly opened her mouth and took him inside.

Opening her mouth, Mary Magdalene slid her tongue out to cradle the head of his dick. A whimper from the girl due to the heat. She found her entire body covered in chills as a trickle of saliva dripped down her chin. Drawing her cerulean blues upwards, the whore closed the bow of her lips around his head. Slithers of her serpent tongue taunting his seeping hole, she urged him to ooze the pre-ejaculation fluid into her mouth. She swallowed every drop as he coated her tongue.

“You filthy fucking whore. I said, suck my fucking dick,” a full guttural growl from within, he yanked her hair forward, burying his fully erect shaft to the back of her throat. Twelve full inches of meat now restricting her breaths. The bulbous head now suckled by her throat muscles. The blood from her throat-ripping would lubricate the head to the point of no return. Mary Magdalene could not stop if she wanted to. It was as though she was compelled to take him all inside of her.

A swift yank back, the head now dripping saliva, blood, and semen, he didn’t cum. Not yet. There was so much to be done before the sun rose on judgment day. Using Christ’s body as a vessel, the Satanic soul pushed the woman to sprawl over the altar. Her body ready for the taking. Creamy alabaster skin, the rose-colored nipples were standing erect on her chest. His eyes traveled down her seductive frame, even with a full bush, the lips beneath glisten on her cunt. The scent alone brought his hand to stroke himself. He wrapped his finger around the thickness, nails as sharp as talons carefully grazed the meat stick. Pain is an intoxicating drug, even when it is self-inflicted.

One arm outstretched, three fingers would jam into her cunt. There was no warning, nor a care in the world. Curling the fingers once inside, he could have ripped her open with the sharp nails, but that wasn’t the goal. Not yet, at least. “You sloppy cunted whore. There is no blood on my fingers. I doubted you were a virgin, but this is proof,” switching hands, he coated his cock with her juices. Good vs. Evil, a match made in hell. Finger fucking her. The extracts were splashing up to his wrist. He could have fisted her, but his cock was straining for a haven.

Both hands now reaching for her ankles, pushing them up to the heavens above, this man lined his cock up with her pink entrance. Smearing the head over her snatch, he pulled back to see the coating of her honey on his demonic staff. One stroke and he impaled her on his pulsating cock, stretching her walls open to fit the circumference. An earthquake of screams hit the walls, bouncing from one to the other; it was the enormous girth that triggered her fault line. Searing pain shot through her loins, a rush of adrenaline could compare to winning the lottery.

He held himself steady for a moment, groaning out in pleasure. The woman was as tight as a vice. The pool of fluids in her core washed his cock in her lust. Dropping his hues down to watch, each time he pulled back, her pussy lips stayed wrapped around his pole, stretching back along the elongated shaft.

“Look at that snatch. You filthy Jesus loving whore. Open wider for me,” thrusting, his balls now meeting her ass with a wet kiss each time he forced deeper inside of her. This pussy was euphoric. If the Devil could get high, he would be intoxicated of the pleasure of her pulsating sleeve. Thrust for thrust, she screamed out as though her cries were a lullaby for the sick and twisted. So beautiful that he could enter her core on the highest notes. Satan was in his playground today.

With a swift movement, he flipped her body over, pushing her face to the dirt-covered floor. Even in the holiest places, he found the ability to use other bodies for his carnal pleasures. Jesus was weak and allowed him in. He allowed him to seek refuge in his body one last time. His eyes cast down on her gaping cunt, that wasn’t where he would finish. That small rosebud above her hole was his target. If you’re going to destroy a woman, make sure you’ve done it right.

He cleared his throat of all contents, his mouth filled with saliva, Lucifer spat on her shithole. The pink entrance slick with self-made lubrication. As the nails of his fingers gripped her ass cheeks, spreading her wide open. Unhuman screams came from the woman below him. She knew what he would do to her, and in an instant, she was begging for hell to consume her before he did. Forcing his hips forward, one thrust and his balls rested against her swollen pussy lips.

Her anal walls strangling his shaft, the hues of his eyes now shined a crimson shade of red. Fire and brimstone scented the house of worship, the Devil taking his due on her body. As he pulled back, the shaft slick with spit and a tint of blood, the veins on his cock throbbed. He was close to the end, knowing once he filled her with his seed, she would never be the same. Once the Devil himself has fucked you, there is nothing left of your humanity.

His balls boiled with seed as an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her up flush with his body. Pounding into her anal cavity, the creature known by so many names rubbed his sharp nails over her clit. Forcing the woman to cry out for release. Juices were rushing down her inner thighs, traces of fluids mixed with the dirt below—each drop boiling when it hit the holy surface—cracks in the earth’s core forming.

His voice was booming as she shook, her body spasming with orgasms. One after another, the anal walls were collapsing around his cock. Pushing his fingers into her empty cunt, his balls tightened, and a flood of molten lava ejected from the head of his cock, washing into her anal canal as though he was flooding the core with fire. Waves of pain-filled pleasure pushed through them both, not stopping till what could compare to a cup of fluid exited from him and filled her asshole with lust. Not stopping until spent, the Male pulled from her body, forcing the woman to clean his shaft with her mouth. Vile, disgusting, and repulsive, she swabbed his cock till the residue was gone. Her face coated in a reminder of his presence.

Without a word, her body dropped to the ground, and the Devil was gone. Laying in a heap next to her was the lifeless remains of Jesus. The man of the people now proven to be only human and flawed. Both would keep this a secret that they took with them into death. A fallen Man and a common whore.

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