Wedding night

“People are watching,” she whispered.

Sitting at a table for twelve, Gypsy knew she was there for a job, but what the hell. She was to be a dinner date for Domino Scarletta, but the room was full of guests, and the bride and groom hadn’t even cut the cake yet. Domino was the best man and thought attractive. He wanted an escort for a date tonight. Any girl in the room would have fucked him ten times by now, so this was awkward. When he slipped his hand under the table, forcing her legs to part, she dropped the salad fork.

“Sorry,” she said. All eyes at the table on the young blond, Domino sat there with a look of smugness. He knew what he was doing as the tips of his fingers brushed up and down her freshly shaved pussy. Parting her lips, pushing two fingers in, she prayed he didn’t force a moan from her lips, and she shoveled the salad in to stifle her need. What he was doing wasn’t fair. All of these people enjoyed a wedding, and she found herself having more fun than the bride and groom. She might cum before they do.

“So what do you do for a living, dear,” an older woman asked.

Clearing her throat and laying her napkin across her lap to stop Domino, Gypsy had a hard time replying. “An artist. I own a small gallery in Huntington beach, and I am helping my brother,” she whimpered the moment the fingers went deeper inside of her pussy, “with his Presidential campaign.”

Every person at the table turned to look at the young girl, shocked at what she had just announced. The last thing she wanted was the attention of anyone.

“Who is your family?” one asked.

“The Kennedy family. My brother William is running on the democratic ticket,” she announced.

Again, they all looked at her in shock and awe. They couldn’t believe who was sitting at their table. Little did they know she was finger fucked while they drilled her with questions. Grabbing the table cloth from beneath the table, she yanked without know, causing every glass on the table to wobble back and forth. “Oh, god, I’m sorry. My ring was caught in the fabric,” she lied. Still in shock that they sat with a politician’s sister, one asked out of curiosity about her father. She quickly nodded, looking over at Domino with frustration written all over her face. “My father is a busy man. I haven’t seen him in a long time,” she lied. As her heart raced, she knew that if she didn’t excuse herself from the table soon, she would cum all over the seat.

Slapping his hand under the table, Gypsy sat her napkin down, looking to the people around her, “If you will excuse me. I need to step away for a moment.”

Without looking for his approval, she slipped away from the table, adjusting her dress as she made her way to the restroom. She couldn’t get in there fast enough, leaning over the sink and splashing water on her face to cool her heated cheeks. Preoccupied, she never heard the door open, but she did feel those hands up the back of her thighs. Gypsy knew he would follow her, but what if someone walked in? What would they think of her?

“I knew you would come?” she said.

“How? I haven’t even spoken to you yet,” the voice replied as his zipped released.

Looking into the mirror, startled, what she saw shocked her to the core. The groom stood there, rubbing the head of his cock over her panties, smirking. “Wait, your wife?” she said. Without warning, he thrust his cock into her cunt, pushing every inch of her tight, wet walls, slamming deep into her core with a shattering pain. At that depth, the pain was blinding, forcing her hands to grip the counter to prevent fainting.

“Oh fuck, stop you, mother fucker,” she growled. No, she did not scream. If anything, she had enough class not to alert the bride on her wedding night to the groom’s indiscretions. Pushing back into him in hopes of pushing him off, Gypsy cried out in a painful bliss as he forced his way back inside of her core. “I hope she walks in, I fucking hope she catches you,” she growled to gritted teeth.

With a quick yank of her head back, growling into her ear as he jackhammered into her cunt, the groom let out the night’s secret, “My best man did say he would get me an unforgettable gift. He was right.” Fisting her hair, the male continued the assault on her pussy, pulling back to the head each time before he opened her up again. Each thrust was causing his balls to saturate and slap against her pussy lips, creating an echo in the bathroom. Someone was going to hear. She knew they would. The only one to walk in was the best man, and all he did was watch his gift opened up.

One last thrust and he dumped his load of cum deep inside her walls, not stopping until his balls were painfully empty. A quick pull back and wash up, and the groom was gone.

Slapping her ass on his way out, Domino reminded her that she was the hired help, and she got off early tonight. After cleaning up and adjusting her clothing, she walked out just as the cake was cut. Laughing, Gypsy knew that wedding might even be shorter than hers.

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