Wrath 7

“The doctors are releasing her tomorrow,” said Gypsy. Grace spent almost a week in the hospital with a fever, but the moment Nicolette arrived, the temperature was gone. It left as mysteriously as it came, and still, the doctors had no clue why she became ill. Every test came back negative, and they were baffled. 

Smiling as she sat with the baby in her arms, Nicolette looked up with a smile, “That’s the best news ever. I was going to suggest that I go back to the house and do some deep cleaning. You know, scrub her room down and change all the bedding. Just in case.” There was so much more to the reason Nicolette needed time out of the hospital. Her cousin didn’t need to know that. The feeling of combustion building inside of her body sent pangs of need throughout her body. When she reached this point, there were often tragic consequences for someone, but she felt him near, and she knew she would need to find him before he found Gypsy. Nicolette knew that her cousin couldn’t defend herself against the male, but she could make sure that he never found out the child was ill. 

As she cleaned the large home, the last thing she expected to stumble upon was a diary. Who kept one of those, and if they did, should a stranger read it? Laying it down on the table, she cleaned around it. Each time she came close, the need to open became stronger. Whatever was inside of the brightly colored book called to her, but she tried to resist out of respect. It wasn’t until the sun had set and the house was as sterile as the hospital did she sit on the middle of the living room floor and fill herself with guilt. 

October 2019

I don’t know what to do. Something attacked me in the middle of the night, and I don’t understand what happened to me. What the hell happened to me? God, help because even you wouldn’t believe what this man did to me.

Nicolette closed the book quickly, feeling as though she was invading the privacy of her cousin. It was the need to know that forced her to once again peek into the life of another. 

I was alone in the bedroom and felt this odd presence behind me. No one was home, so for a moment, I froze. It wasn’t until the hands of the stranger wrapped around my body did I whimper in fear. Other than the pressure of his grip, there was nothing there. I looked down, and there were no hands.` Was this a dream, or was I going insane? I’m so ashamed because I didn’t want him to stop. I felt so alive the moment he touched me.

Sitting in the middle of Gypsy’s livingroom, Nicolette called out to the man who had tormented her cousin for so long. She needed to know why he found comfort in the arms of a woman who had nothing but a soul to offer. Was this man feeding on her, or did he have a grander plan? Nicolette would soon find out the truth. 

“Oh fuck, I can’t read this,” Nicolette whispered, “What the hell is happening here? A nocturnal dream?” she asked the wind around her. Nicolette knew people had dreams such as these, but the point of the pin looked as though it carved into the parchment. Nicolette could read the fear in words and the moment she did. She knew that whatever happened that night was not of Gypsy’s doing. Someone or something was in the room that night, but who. She could ask Thanatos, but there was a feeling inside of her that wanted to find out for herself. Was it wrong that so a brief second she felt the throbbing of desire that Gypsy must have felt that night? 

Slowly, Nicolette opened the book for the third time. This time she found herself twitching in her seat, the feeling of not being alone present the moment the book was open. 

“You don’t scare me as you did her,” she laughed.  

From behind, a figure sat, his arms, the same arms wrapping around her slender frame. He pulled her back into his chest, took the book, held it up, and proceeded to read. 

“His hand slid into my panties, fingers caressing my lips until the moisture saturated the thin fabric. Without asking, he pushed a finger inside of me, telling me that his cock would go next. He swore that he was going to fuck me! I know it was wrong, but I wanted him inside of me,” he read. 

“In my defense. Gypsy did want it. I didn’t rape the girl, and the moment I put my cock in the tiny cunt of hers, she came. Dirty bitch, that cousin of yours. You do know she was married, right?” he asked. 

Nicolette allowed her eyes to close, whispering, “Maybe she thought you were her husband playing games with her.” She defended the young blond yet knew for a fact that Gypsy never thought that was her husband. 

His hands pushed down into the band of her pants. He slid deeper into her panties to reveal what would shock him, “Are you a virgin?” He had met a few in all of his years, but it had been many years since the last one. As the male massaged his fingers through the wet sins that seeped from her swollen lips, he retracted them quick, licking off every drop of her pussy juice. 

“I know who you are,” she whispered. Her body was resting against his chest. For the first time, she felt the calmness that she craved. 

Laughing, the male brushed his lips over the shell of her ear, whispering, “Who am I?”

“Ares..” she spoke, realizing she was alone again, and whoever Gypsy wrote of was just there with her, touching her, making her crave his presence inside. 

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