Bite me

Have you ever been bitten and felt a pang of excitement? A small wave of pleasure as the teeth pushed into your flesh? She hadn’t until a recent client, and then, my addiction began. He paid an extra ten grand to bite her in addition to the usual suck and fuck. She’s had a few bite her in the past, but nothing could compare to this one.

Arriving at the hotel ten minutes early, Gypsy smiled the moment she walked into the building. If you could afford to stay here, your bank account was something she wouldn’t mind raping a few times over. Since going out on her own from the agency, she was more exclusive with her clients now. She could afford to be picky these days.

The place covered in chandeliers, and dripping money, Gypsy fit right in. She was a Kennedy, and old money trumps new money every day of the week. Her family had more influence on the economy than any other, but tonight, she was just a whore looking to get paid for her services. Nothing wrong with the oldest profession in the world, right?

“Miss Kennedy, you’re expected in room 247 for your meeting,” said the desk clerk.

Gypsy wondered if he knew what she was going to the room for a meeting this late in the day? Probably not, but when she thought about how dirty it was, she was already slightly excited. On the way to the second floor, she took a moment in the elevator to pull her nipples to a stiff peak. You only get one chance to make that first impression. Gypsy sucked in a deep breath, her teeth raking over her bottom lip, she shivered from head to toes in anticipation.

As the exited the elevator, the door to the room opened, her client filling the doorway with his massive frame. He was at least a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier. For a first time meeting, she found this man intriguing and hadn’t even spoken yet.

“Miss Kennedy, I’ve been expecting you. Come in,” he said.

He had a slight British accent, and the suit he wore tailored, not off the rack. Gypsy knew the difference.

“As I told you, tonight would be quite different for you. I would like for you to remove all of your clothing and return. You may leave the articles in the bathroom on the counter. There will be hangers for you to use,” he said.

She did as told, removing each article of clothing and inspecting her body once before rejoining the male. Usually, she would add some perfume, but tonight, he requested all perfume and lotion omitted. It wasn’t that he was allergic, but most of those taste horrible.

As he moved through the room, his hand found hers. His eyes were avoiding Gypsy’s body, though the normal man would find her breathtaking. The was nothing ordinary about this man.

“I want you to lay on the bed on your stomach. I have placed two pillows on the bed. You will bend over them and expose your backside to me,” he ordered. “Once you are there, you will not move, though you are allowed to moan and whimper. No screaming. We don’t want to alert the other hotel guests, do we?” he asked, though no reply expected.

A simple nod given, she laid across the bed, her ass in the air, and her hands gripping the bedding out of habit, not need. His clothing removed from her view. She felt the breeze on her flesh with each item he took off. Curiosity had her shaking over every inch of her body. It’s always the unknown that puts you on the tallest ledge. She was dangling the moment he climbed on the bed behind her, his nose trailing from her ankle to that cute little crease below her ass. The warmth of his breath covered her entire body in a blanket of chills. Her fingers knotted tighter in the sheet, and he hadn’t even bit her yet. The first rake of his teeth brought a small yelp from her lips, though it didn’t hurt. It was the shock of the pressure that sent waves of lust flowing through her veins.

“Oh fuck,” she growled.

With a quick slap to her ass, he would warn her for the first time. He did not believe that a woman should ever use profanities. She would learn quickly for every action, there is a reaction, and she might not always like what he used as a reinforcement. His teeth claimed the spot that now held his handprint. He bit down until the marks of his teeth were in the middle of the palm. For dental record purposes, the scores were flawless. She would check later to see if any teeth were longer than the others. Maybe this man thought himself to be a vampire. Would blood be drawn tonight? She hoped it would.

“Do you like to be bitten?” he asked.

Nodding her head, she acknowledged that she did, but for Gypsy, it was more so that she liked to bleed for someone. The scar that would forever be on her should prove that. “I do,” she whispered, her head now tilted to the side, resting on the crisp white pillow.

His teeth claimed the other side of her ass; this time, he forced his teeth to break the skin. A small river of blood pooling in the crack of her ass. Her tiny asshole now a pool of crimson honey. The more it filled, the more his mouth slurped at her asshole, his tongue pushing inside to make sure he devoured every drop of the fluid.

“Please,” she cried, “Please bite me again. Harder!”

From one thigh to the next, his teeth pressed into her flesh, each time cutting her with the stark white blades inside his mouth. If she cried, his hand reminded her of the directions she was to follow, and if she moaned, a finger danced over her swollen clit. When the small bundle of pleasure erect, he pushed her knees up and claimed the treasure with his teeth. A shake to the right and left scared her more than death. She loved sex, and cumming was something she had become addicted to having. Even when alone, she would make sure her day started and ended with an orgasm. Releasing, he sucked the honey button into his mouth, stimulating her until she cried out in relief, her cunt juices pouring from her pussy walls.

She pushed her mouth to the pillow to muffle screams. Every inch of her body felt like the tip of a match resting on her flesh.

His cock in his hand, he stroked, smearing the head with her blood. It wasn’t until he was ready to cum did he force his cock into the throbbing walls of her cunt, fucking her until he shot every drop of cum deep inside of her throbbing pussy walls. The night ended with her covered is teeth prints and twenty grand in her bank account. It wasn’t a bad day at work for the young teen.

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