Wendigo 2


“Stupid fucking old man doesn’t know anything. As long as those little brats are running around, he can’t make us leave,” Seth said.

“Man, fuck him,” Brody said.

Stepping into the park, the smug young teens had not only the eyes of security on them, but Olivia Davidson and Sarah Parker stood by the snack bar and made plans to catch a senior. Both girls on the cheer team might have come from money. They were both known as girls who went all the way on the first date. Any teenage boy in their right mind would be excited to have these two after them. For Brody, that was normal, but Seth talked a good game, but the girls always found a reason to leave the minute he tried anything. Maybe it was his brash personality, or it could be the fact that by morning every guy in school would know what you did. Seth was a dick when it came to women. That could stem back to his hatred for his mother.

“Seth, Ma said give us some money,” the kid said. Holding out her hand, Maria Hightower shook her fingers at her brother, wanting that cash she knew their mother sent.

Seth tossed a dollar at the little girl, scowling, “That’s it. Your drunk mother said for you to go bug someone for money. Tell some kid to share, of steal the tickets from them.” Seth wasn’t lying for once. His mother didn’t care about morals, and stealing was encouraged over her supporting her kids.

“Fucker. I know Ma gave you more,” the little girl said as she stomped off to lift money from strangers. Most would give it to her because she looked the part—stringy hair, dirty clothing, and skinny for her age. She was only ten, but she cussed as bad as her mother.

Seth laughed, looking over at the girls who hadn’t stopped staring since they arrived, “Looks like we have some attention tonight. I’ll take Olivia. The other one is too fat for my liking.” Both of the boys laughing because neither of those girls was obese. Sarah did have a few more pounds on her backside.

“Come on, man, let’s drink these beers and get us some girls,” Seth said.

One last look over at the girls by the concession stand, Seth and Brody took out the front gates, slipping down the embankment to sit by the edge of the river. With the recent rain, the water level was high, and when it’s pitch back, there is something eerie about the sound of water rushing at your feet. “Man, slow down. I don’t need to fish your dumb ass out of the water again,” Brody said.

Two summers ago, when half the town flooded, both boys had the bright idea to jump from the old wooden bridge that linked one part of the city to the other, only Seth tangled his feet in some vine, and as the water rushed, it pulled him under, almost drowning him. Thankfully Brody spent every summer on the swim team and saved him from death. Brody never let the other teen realize that he owed his life to him.

“Man, again?” Seth said as he took a seat on a weathered log. If he heard this again, he was going to punch his best friend in the face.

Laughing, Brody took a seat beside him, remembering this was something they weren’t talking about anymore. “Yeah, okay. I get it. Hand me a brewski,” Brody said.

In the distance, the laughter of children radiated through the air. As they watched the illumination of the merry go round on the water, some would find this peaceful. For these two, all they wanted was for the alcohol to hit quick, and those girls to still be there when it did.

Distant growling.

“What the fuck was that?” Seth asked. Pulling the bottle from his lips, looking over at his friend, he knew there were no bears here, but that sure sounded like one. In the dark, his eyes darted from the water to the woods. The subtle sound of growling once again sending shivers over his body.

Filled with liquid courage, Brody stood, yelling out to the growls’ direction, making his fear known. “Who the fuck is out there? You don’t want any of this. You’ll end up with your ass beaten,” he called out to no response.

If that was a bear, there was no fucking way he was kicking its ass. He would push Brody down, running away. “Come on, man. Let’s go back and find those girls before I have to pull you off a bear. You don’t want Smokey the bear making complaints to the park ranger about you,” Seth laughed.

Both boys backtracked their way to the kiddie park, but in the woods, humans’ scent brought the creature out early this year. He was hungry, and these boys took it upon themselves to offer their bodies up as meals.

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