Sitting on the shelf like an old forgotten book, she watched as her life gently passed her by, aging her soul with neglect. Hours, days, months, and years, the dust built on her as did old novels that the world forgot existed. She screamed with fears of being replaced by a modern version of a lost life, each generation forgetting a classic’s beauty.

A.J. Luna

Broken windows

She watched him through the old broken window, her stained fingers clung to the edge, crumbling the splintered wood until she bled. Droplets of her pain fed the termites, and his happiness fed her despair. Squinting to hold back the flood, just knowing she would never be good enough rotted her corpse as she took her last hit of his acidic love.

A.J. Luna

Wendigo 12

Daniel Lightfoot stood at the park entrance, watching Jimmy scramble around like a chicken with his head cut off. He was showing his age these days. Maybe it was time like all the other elders had suggested. Daniel always brushed off the comments and snide remarks from others about his cousin. They weren’t cousins, but he had known Jimmy since he was a child. His father was good friends with the older male and had spent many holidays with their family. Jimmy lost his wife due to a tragedy when he was young. He never remarried.

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Lost at sea

The candle waited in the window, the pathway manicured, she waited for him to find his way back home. Day’s, weeks, month, turning into years, the flickering light was all that warmed her soul. She took her hope to her grave, never giving up faith that her light would beam the brightest.

A.J. Luna

Wendigo 11

The thought of being eaten alive didn’t set in for a minute or two. How in the hell did anyone think this was right? One teenager might go overlooked, but four? Never. Three of the four came from good homes. The only one that would be an asset to society would be the loss of Seth. Brody knew it was wrong to think that way, but goddammit, he wasn’t ready to die. Plus, he had already saved Seth once. This time he was on his own. The only person that Brady was helping was himself, and even the two girls would need to find a way to stay alive tonight.

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Sole Survivor

She cried, not for her loss, but his. Each day changes come, and they never can be replaced. When he walked out that door, he pulled the curtains on his greatest masterpiece. This canvas contained arms, legs, and the ability to show you every treasure in life without leaving your home. She would be the sole survivor of a selfish man.

A.J. Luna

Wendigo 10

“Oh shit. That’s not real,” Brody said. He rubbed his eyes to clear his view, but his mind already knew the truth. Brody had caught the attention of the legend he never thought to be true. It was something parents told kids to get them to behave or to sleep. This creature that stood only yards away from him was one that had frightened him for years. Native American parents used the legend of Wendigo to keep their children from misbehaving, or so he thought. All he could hope for was to make up tomorrow and never hide from the truth again.

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