Wendigo 2


Giggles echoed through the park along with the sounds and scent of a fresh-popped bag of corn. The summer was ending soon, and soon the little amusement park would again close to falling tears, and “Mama please” sounds came from the small children. Memories would last forever, and the innocent days of summer would permanently settle into the old red dirt.

Slamming the car door, it would be the last time for Brody James. At 17, he was too old to frequent the park, but then again, so were half the kids out there tonight. Rides designed for children overrun with a group of teens running like the hounds of hell turned loose in the small town. The moment security was alerted, the older man who ran the place knew it would be a bad night.

“Why can’t those little brats go somewhere else. In my day, my Pa would have whooped my ass if I came to a place like this,” scoffing, he pushed his feet back and forth into the cement, knowing something terrible was going to happen. It was the last night of the season, and something always happened. Something about the way the moon hung over the river brought chills up and down his spine. At 61, Jimmy had run the place for the past 40 years. Some say he was just a creepy pervert who loved to watch the teenage girls who worked there every summer. That could be part of the truth, but in reality, Jimmy was the one who fed it so the city could reside in peace for the rest of the year. Tonight, Brody James would be the meal to sedate the beast, or so he hoped. Every year, the hunger grew strong, and Jimmy knew that he would no longer be able to control the curse placed on this city one day.

“Seth, where the hell are you?” Brody said as he called his best friend. Opposites, Brody came from old money, and Seth, well he came from the town whore.

Walking up behind him, Seth returned the slap his mother placed on the back of his head, but this time on Brody. He was late, but then again, he was always late. Most of the time, that was because his mother and her little bastards, but today, it was because he stopped at the corner store and lifted a couple of bottles of cheap beer.

“I said I would be here, and I am. Chill out. You’ll approve of the reason why,” Seth laughed. In his pocket were two bottles of cheap beer, but when you’re seventeen, that was all it took to give you a false sense of being drunk. If they were going to hang out in a kiddie park, he needed to numb the kids’ screaming. Somewhere running through the park was his siblings, but as much as he said he would watch them, they could fall in the river for all Seth cared. The clink of the two bottles together brought a smile to Brody’s lips. He knew this was his best friend for a reason.

Looking around at the security guard who was eye fucking the two of them, Brody leaned in, whispering to Seth, “Save those for later. I heard some of the cheerleaders would be here tonight to put on a show. You know how much they want to hook a senior before school starts. ” Brody was right. The recruits of the pom squad arrived about fifteen minutes earlier, giving half the older men in the park a little pup tent in their pants. Fine and upstanding members of the church? Not on your life.

“Aren’t you boys too damn old to be here?” Jimmy asked. Standing behind the two boys, Jimmy was going to nip this is the bud. He swore that no one would cause a ruckus in the park, but little did he know, tonight was the night that the beast would open his jaws and demand a meal. Jimmy had hoped for at least another week to grab up a transient, but when you eat once a year, the hunger grows to insatiable levels.

With a flare of anger, Seth turned to the older man, his chest puffed and full of arrogance, “Get the hell out of here, Old Man. I’m here with my sister and brothers. If you got a problem with that, tell my whore of a mother to watch her damn kids.” Seth didn’t like authority, and Jimmy just realized why half the town hated this kid, and the other half feared him.

Jimmy was no fool. He knew better. These two boys were up to no good, and if the time were right, it would be Seth that Wendigo devoured tonight.

Link to part 1: https://confessionsofpassion.com/2020/07/14/short-stories-seth/

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