Escort diaries ~ First time

There is a first time for everything. Every little girl doesn’t grow up wanting to be the best little cock sucker, but when you’re in the sex business, it helps. Consider it a casualty of the job.

The slap to her face took her by surprise. Shaking, she knew this was her job interview, and like any other one, she was petrified of screwing up and not getting hired. After six months on the streets, she fell off that pedal stool and decided that this was the only way.

“Pay attention. I said, take my fucking dick out,” he said.

Lifting her ass, she placed her hands on her ass, sitting down to restrict her hands. After all, her mouth was all that was needed. Teeth to his zipper, she slowly pulled it down and a tiny trickle of saliva running down her chin. Was she salivating anticipation? Only time would tell if this was a reward or a punishment. Keeping her eyes upon his at all times, she watched his chest suck in a deep breath when his cock sprang from its prison.

“Good girl,” he said, stroking his hand through her hair, the honey-colored strands raked with his fingers. “Now lick the head, just the head. Show me how much you fucking want my dick,” he groaned.

Leaning in, she slid her tongue out, flickering over the head of his cock lightly. Her tongue sliding into the slit, fucking the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Each time she pushed in a small drop of clear fluid lubricating her mouth with a sweet burst of flavor. Sucking cock always something that semi-frightened her, but once she tasted that delicious cream, there was nothing he could do to make her stop. She wanted more.

Slowly, her mouth opened wider, cupping his thick mushroom head with her lips. One retraction and a loud pop as the cock sprang back from between her lips a long string of saliva attaching them as one. She raked her teeth over her lips to breathe the strand, pushing her mouth back down, taking him to the base. Gagging, her nailed dug into her cheeks, pulling back quickly the moment she lost her breath, but never fully taking him out of her mouth. Her touch curled as a bed for the head.

“Fuck, take that dick,” he grunted.

As his fist tightened, he thrust down her throat with no remorse for her feeling. Each time she gagged, he held her lips to his base, forcing her to learn to deep throat his cock. She pulled her hands out from beneath her, slapping his thighs in hopes for him to release his grip. No pain, no gain, you can’t learn if you don’t try. That was his motto for the night. His one job for the night was to turn her into a little cock sucking Princess.

A quick yank back, he picked her up, placing her on her back on the bed. No sex would happen. Well, according to Bill, a blow job wasn’t sexual. He tugged her to the edge, forcing her head to hang off the side of the bed.

“Open your mouth. I need to cum, and your throat is the perfect place,” he demanded.

Eyes closed, she opened as wide as possible just in time for him to force his cock to the hilt. His hand on her slender neck, jacking himself in what he would later call the best cock sleave that he had ever experienced. Thrusting deep, his free hand pinching her nose, the saliva poured from her mouth as she struggled for each breath. It wasn’t until she turned a light shade of blue that he released her nose, shooting ropes of cum deep down her gulping throat. He wouldn’t stop until she milked him of every drop, and his balls sagged in approval—the taste alone addicting her to need more.

You can’t explain a blowjob. One must experience it.

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