Wrath ~ 2

Her words forced Arison to stumble back, lost deep in thought. Nicolette was always the perfect child, the grateful teen, and the silent young lady. Today, she was what he feared the most. She had transformed into the woman who one day would reign over hell without his approval. His father warned him one day this would come, but he never thought it was true. It was the ramblings of a frightened old man, or so he thought. Arison was sure his father had listened to this today and would question his son’s ability to care for such a diabolical being.

As the screams of sirens sent the city into a panic, Arison left the small office with the weight of humanity sitting on his shoulders. It was the sounds from outside that brought him back to reality. People running by the front of his home covered his body in chills for the first time. Pounding on his front door forced him to rush to open. A nun stood there covered in soot as tears stained her face.

“It’s burning, please God, help us, we can’t locate Mother Superior,” she screamed, pointing in the direction of the Vatican.

Grabbing a jacket, Arison ran from the house, staring across the courtyard in disbelief. The holiest of building roared with smoke, flames shooting from the roof as though it was lighting the heavens on fire. It was the laughing from inside the house that brought his attention from hell in front of him to the cackling of laughter inside his home.

“NICOLETTE,” he screamed.

Arison would find the young girl sitting in front of the television, her eyes glued to the screen as she lit up with amusement.

“Tell me you didn’t do this. Nicolette, tell me you didn’t start the fire, not here,” he begged.

With her hands folded, she looked up with a mischievous grin, nodding her head. She had not only started the fire, but she made sure that the Nun, who ordered her mother to die, would not make it out alive. Also, there was one other, but that was only for her amusement. If the days of darkness were coming, she would make sure no one could stop the progression.

“I told you that one day I would rid the world of that place. My mother slaughtered on the floor. Her blood still stained the cracks of that fucking building. I will not allow it to stand,” she growled. Nicolette took in a deep breath, her thoughts collected before she once again spoke. “The Catholic church has allowed children raped for years. You go there,” she screamed, pointing in the Vatican’s direction, “You go there and think that you’re safe. ” My mother sent there to keep her away from the advances of a monster, and what happened? He split her in two. He raped my mother,” she screamed. If anyone were walking by, they would know that inside this small home was the daughter of the devil himself.

Arison pleaded with her. He knew what would come from tonight. “Nicolette, but the Gods, what had you fucking done? They will destroy you,” he argued.

“Fuck your Gods. Fuck each one of them. I have the child, and if they hurt her, this fucking world will cease to exist. So yes, fuck your Gods,” she called out in laughter.

“The Pope is missing in one of the most tragic fires to ever happen in Italy. What in the world, the Pope is missing,” Nicolette smiled as the news updated the world.

Arison fell white as a ghost, his eyes on his young protege, “Nicolette, stop this now.”

Shrugging her shoulders, she looked over with a cocky grin and repeated a line she used not to long ago. “Don’t take it personally. It’s only business,” she laughed, walking off to watch the Vatican burn.

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