Walk of shame

Gypsy dug her nails into his chest. That smirk on her lips was that of the kitten that caught the canary. The power play between the two was pure adrenaline on her part. She prided herself on being the perfect submissive female. She would put Anna Steel to shame, but in reality, she was the opposite. The more life found her, the more she realized that she was no longer the victim of others’ sexual needs.

“You fucking whore. Who the hell do you think..” he said.

His hips bucked up, trying to enter her in a rough and demanding need, but for the first time, his dominance was futile. She was the alpha female, and he would bow to her desires for the first time.

She placed another quick slap to his cheek, leaving the perfect print of her slender fingers. He would learn soon that if he wanted to blow the load that tightened his balls, he would submit to the journey and not rush the destination.

“I thought we discussed this? Yes, I am a whore, but I am not your whore.,” she laughed.

She lifted her hips, hovering her pussy over the head of his cock, she laughed when he arched his back to force the head inside. One hand up, her finger moved from side to side as to tell him again; she was the one setting the rules. She pushed down but did not let him inside. Her glistening lips held the head inside like a baby bird waiting in the nest for the ability to fly. She lowered, only the head pierced her entrance, pulling back quick with a deafening suction sound—his groans music to her ears.

“Please, come on, stop this shit,” he begged.

What a sick little game of tease and denial she was playing. His pain was her pleasure, and the more he wanted her, the higher she became.

“Please, what? Fuck you? Shall we stop since you can’t control yourself?” she asked.

He pounded his fists down on the bed, the loud echos of his disapproval bounced from wall to wall. When a man loses control, they don’t understand this can be the greatest gift ever given.

He tightened his eyes, the lid pressure causing fine wrinkles to form next to his eyes. “Give me that pussy, and let me make you cum. You know I can,” he laughed, his mood almost comical.

Gypsy pushed her nails into his chest, not stopping until the skin broke. It was only then that she lowered herself down, fully engulfing her pussy around his cock. If you’ve ever dropped a hot pan into water, that was the only sound she heard—a full-body sizzle. She moved from side to side, her cunt walls stretching to envelope every inch he had to offer. Instead of moaning, she dug her nails in deeper. Giving him the pleasure of knowing he had her pussy on edge was something she refused to show.

His head leaned back, head pushing into the pillow, he ignored the pain in his chest, bucking his hips up in hopes to unseat her and take over. Little did he know that if he did, he would never cum with her again.

She reached back, slapping his balls softly with the tips of her fingers to reassure him of who was in charge. “If you do that again, you’ll find out what blue balls feel like,” she taunted.

One more arch, he knew she wouldn’t do that. She was a whore, remember?

Gypsy dropped her head back in laughter, raising her body and allowing the head to stay tucked between her lips. With her free hand, she slid down, rubbing with a furious need over her swollen clit. From the wound on his chest, she used the blood to slide to his neck quickly, pushing down in a heated fury. Frigging her clit when she held him down, the wave of pleasure rushed through her body, causing her fluid to spill as though she broke the damn to a swollen river. Cries and whimpers fell from her lips as she covered his cock with her fluids, never allowing him back inside to enjoy her convulsing walls.

“Fuck me, shit, come on, fuck me,” he begged.

Satisfied, she lifted her body, standing over him as her foot lifted to rest in the middle of his chest. “I warned you not to do it again. I only remind once, she laughed. Grabbing her clothing, she walked out naked and uncaring. This was one walk of shame that she was willing to make.

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