Lies 2

His hand pressed her face against the pillow, his teeth raking the blade of her shoulder with a playful need. If you asked him if he wanted her, he would admit that he did, but his need to torture her was intense. He loved how she cried when her body shook beneath his, her ass pushing up as his cock nestled between the cheeks. Tonight was a power play. In his twisted mind, he wanted her to beg for relief. Did he know the danger that lighting a fire and blowing it out before it burned could do to a woman? His body slammed down against hers, simulating fucking her. His cock remained without the confines of her velvet laced walls.

She needed what he denied, but begging a man was months ago. She had grown into quite the woman in the past year. Once a meek and mild teen, the blond beauty was now a force to be reckoned with when it came to her sexual needs. Regaining her strength, she bucked her hips up, throwing him off her body in one quick movement. If he thought he could fuck her mind, she would show him just who was in charge tonight. Laughter bouncing from wall to wall, she looked down at the man with the eyes of a lioness ready to devour her prey.

“You fucking whore!” he snarled.

She laughed, looking down as he laid on his back, “And a damn good one.”

As he pushed his shoulders up from the bed, his body met the sole of her foot, pushing him down until the bed’s frame threatened to give way. A smirk brought her lips to a Cheshire grin as she straddled his waist, her pussy resting against his navel.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” his words coming in the form of a growl.

Her hand brought back, slapping him across the face with a startling force, “A whore, remember. Isn’t that what you called me. I use to be just a whore, but now, I am THE fucking whore.” Clearing her throat, she spat the contents of her mouth on his face, smiling as her hips pushed down, masturbating herself against his abdomen.

“Say it. Tell me you need me?” she laughed, leaning down, biting down with force on his cheek, “Say it!”

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