I quit

“Dave, we need to speak,” Gypsy said.

After two years of working for this man, she couldn’t do it anymore. Every time she told Dave something was off, he laughed in her face and sent her anyway. Most of the time, Gypsy was right to be concerned. Frank Paloma being the main reason she was leaving this place. His abuse took her to the breaking point. The fact that Dave laughed forced her to lose all trust in this man. How can you work for someone who has no soul? Gypsy was quickly learning the hard way that she was better than the life she chose. There was no way in hell her daughter would grow up with a mother who was “Just a whore.”

Walking into the office like she has so many times before, Gypsy stood in the doorway of Dave’s office, watching him slobber over a greasy sandwich. Her stomach was churning. This man was going to die of a heart attack before he was forty if he kept eating junk food.

“Can you at least put that down and look at me?” said Gypsy.

Dave was unfazed by her outburst. Hell, in his eyes, she was the only one who ever complained. He didn’t realize that all the girls hated him, but they needed the money, Gypsy didn’t. Stuffing the slop into his mouth, drops of grease and mayo ran down his chins. Yes, he has more than one.

“What the fuck is wrong with you today, Princess? You can’t do the big bad man because he hurt you?” Dave said.

He laughed with each word, at one point, stopping to cough as he choked on his sandwich. Her lips creased to a smile the moment he grabbed his neck in distress. Lucky for Dave, he was able to choke the meat up. If he thought she would help him, he was sadly mistaken. As far as Gypsy was concerned, he could choke to death and rid the world of his kind. Dave feeds on the pain and suffering of others.

“Oh, nothing at all. I came here to give you a little advice. Do you think you can stop eating for a moment so I can have your full attention?” Gypsy asked.

Dave was frustrated with Gypsy. Tossing his meatball sandwich on the paper, pulling his shirt up to wipe his face, he exposed his large stomach, laughing at her disgust.

“You know you want some of this, don’t you?” Dave said, his hands shaking his belly.

“Let’s put it this way, Dave. Freddy Kruger has a better chance at fist fucking me that you will ever have,” she laughed.

“Fucking bitch. What the hell do you want?” he asked.

She tossed a stack of papers on his desk, one for each girl who worked for the pig and a large manilla envelope. “In there, you will find the resignation of every girl working for you,” she laughed. “Inside the pocket, eviction papers. I bought this building, and I plan on turning it into a shelter for abused teenagers. Fight me on this one. Please fight me on this one. I would love to go to court and tell the judge how you whored out underaged kids from this office building,” she smiled.

“You can’t do this? I took you in when you had nothing at all,” Dave screamed. Every vein in his forehead prominent, he was a shade of red she had never seen before. “I’ll ruin you!” he threatened.

“You can try, but we both know, I won,” Gypsy said. Her body was leaning against the door, a smirk on her face that made the Cheshire cat jealous. “You have thirty days to vacate the building. After that, the police will remove you. Do you understand, fat boy?” she asked.

“Get the fuck out,” he said.

“Oh, I’ll leave, but don’t choke. You wouldn’t want the cops to find the body with a meatball stuck in your throat. “Remember, Dave. My little black book could get you killed. I suggest you do as your told get the fuck out ahead of time,” she added.

As she walked out of the building, Gypsy stopped for a moment to take one last look at the place that she spent the previous two years. Closing her eyes tight, she played that first meeting over again—just one last time.

“Hi, I’m Mary,” she whispered. The 16-year-old girl stood in the hall, shaking with fear. She was a runaway. A child of the night, and this was her only alternative. No one offered a helping hand to her, but they did offer to take advantage of the one piece of innocence she had left. She fought her father for years to save herself only to have her body used like she was nothing. One day the world would realize she was so much more “than just a whore.”

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