40 Burn it to the ground

“Get those pigs out of here,” Nicolette demanded.

The main doors to the warehouse opened—the livestock truck backed into the makeshift slaughterhouse. It was time for them to go back to the farm and get praised for a job well done. Frank Paloma is now resting in their stomach like a bad Italian dinner. In many ways, Nicolette felt bad for feeding them slop during their short stay.

Nicolette slammed the heavy steel door behind her, leaving the dirty work for those she paid for their services. Once again, checking her watch, the panic set in about the time she had left. “Let’s go,” calling out. Each door Nicolette came to, she knocked, demanding they get the hell out of the building.

“Boss, Arison left the hotel. He is thirty minutes out. I suggest we get this done before Arison arrives,” said the leading security guard. He was the only one who knew of her time crunch and vowed to make sure he got his job done right.

“I got it. Get Spencer, Amelia, and Angelina. I will deal with Gypsy and the baby. Make sure Marco knows when to finish this. We can’t have any fuck ups now. Not this close to being done,” Nicolette said.

Knocking on the door of the room containing her cousin and the baby, she would be gentle with those two. Pushing the door, a squeak of the hinge alerted the young mother with the sleeping child in her arms. “Hey, get the bag, let’s go. Tonight is going to end bad if I don’t have you out of here in the next two minutes,” Nicolette said.

Gypsy grabbed her bag, covered the sleeping baby with a blanket, and followed her cousin. A smell of pig still lingered in the building. “What is that god awful smell. Nevermind, I don’t want to know,” she said.

Within the next ten minutes, all of the players safely left the building, security checking each room before following them.

A large moving truck sat in the lot. Everyone loaded and under the watchful eyes of security. After yanking the door down and closing them all inside, Nicolette turned to her lead guard and gave the final order.

“Get Gypsy and the baby home first, the others, a plane ticket awaits them at the airport. Make sure to warn them that if anything about tonight’s mentioned to the police or press, they will meet the same fate as Frank,” Nicolette said.

The only one left with her other that two of her security guards was Marco. His face said it all. He knew this was it for him, and he would die with honor. That wouldn’t be the case. No tonight, at least.

“Make the call, have them torch the building. I know that was Frank’s plan. I want his people to think they fucked up and killed their boss in a botched retrieval,” Nicolette said to Marco.

“As for you, I see you have two choices. You either stay working for the family or suddenly find a million dollars in your bank account and get the fuck out of Vegas,” she said. “The Kennedy family has decided to make a large donation to the man who saved their grandchild, got it?” Nicolette said.

Marco grabbed his phone, the call made. Two words were the only ones spoken. “Do it,” he said. This was the first time in Marco’s life that he betrayed Frank. It was the only way, though. Frank Paloma was a liability, and if this woman didn’t take him out, someone else would.

“For many years, I worked for Frank. Hell, we grew up together and were like brothers. Even when he was wrong, I stuck by his side. When it came to that baby, I would never have let him sell her off. I got kids of my own. I would never allow a little girl to die because Frank had a hard-on for the mother. I know that doesn’t mean much, but I want you to know that kid will never be hurt again. I swear it on the lives of my children. I’ll take the money and get my family to a safe place. I’m too old for this shit anymore,” Marco said.

As the limousine Marco was in drove out of the lot, the building ignited. Frank Paloma’s men did as told, setting the place on fire. What they didn’t know was the remains of their boss stayed inside. Almost mesmerized by the loud pops and explosions, Nicolette never heard the man approach being her until he whispered her name.

“What am I going to do with you?” Arison said.

A gentle shrug of her shoulders, Nicolette smiled, “Show me the world? Teach me to control this overwhelming fire that burns inside of my soul. What I did here tonight was what they call personal justice. I relieved the world of a butcher who had no humanity left inside of him. He would have slaughtered the mother and child, and as you said, I have to keep them alive,” she said. “I am not returning to Italy with you right now. I promised to keep them alive, and I will do just that. If I fail, the entire world will burn just as the building has. Please do not force my hand tonight. You will lose,” Nicolette said.

“Get in the car. I won’t force your return, but if you fail, the dark times will come, and it will be all your fault,” he said.

One final explosion rocked the ground below them, the warehouse now gone, and the sounds of sirens approached. Sitting in the car, her hand in his, Nicolette knew this was not over for her. The fury had only ignited a spark inside of her. The devil would want his due.

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