39 pt 1

“What the fuck are you talking about, have I seen a movie? Who the hell cares about some fucking movie right now?” Frank asked. The male could care less about the television. His home only had one so his wife could lounge around and stuff candy in her mouth while wasting his money. Angelina was a frequent flyer on the home shopping club channel.

Nicolette ignored the male, sauntering down the green mile. A death walk for Frank, she made small talk, but he refused to engage. Did he know what was at the end of the hall? There was no way he could, well, unless he could smell it. The odor seeping from the other side of the door was on the foul side. Lingering in the air was a pungent aroma of pig shit and death. These particular swine were breed for one reason. To rid the world of vile human beings like Frank Paloma. The pigs shipped in the night before, the truck awaited their departure, but first, an Italian dinner.

“What the fuck is that smell?” Frank asked, his nose scrunched as they walked closer to his fate.

“Well, the executioner, of course. I don’t believe in long prison time. All that does is waste time, and honestly, I get bored easy,” Nicolette said. “You know what they say. Idle hands are the devil’s playground,” she smiled. Nicolette considered the devil her puppet, and he would be dethroned before the night came to an end.

Frank stopped, his body refusing to move forward as he finally realized this was not a game. It was real, and in moments he would draw in his last breaths, and he would pay the ultimate price for his sins. “You’re out of your fucking mind. You sick little bitch,” he screamed. “I will shove rats up your cunt and allow them to eat their way out. Stop this fucking shit right now. I’m not playing with you, whore,” he nervously laughed.

Grunts, snorts, and guttural noises came from the other side of the door as Nicolette twisted the knob, pushing open what was once the main portion of the old warehouse. A makeshift animal pen took up the center of the room. Around the top of the pen, a viewing area. Nicolette would be the only one to witness the removal of the abomination.

“Move your fucking ass,” security said, pushing into Franks back, forcing him toward the now open door. They were running out of time, and Franks men grew restless. If this were to happen, it would need to happen soon.

“What the hell is this? Some joke? Okay, it’s over. My men will never allow you to do this, and if by some chance you do, the fate that awaits you will be twice as horrific,” Frank said. “I advise you to rethink this before you get yourself killed,” he added.

“Take him to the platform. I’ve grown tired of his mouth already. Arison will be here soon, and if he finds me committing such acts without his permission, I will join Frank in the afterlife,” said Nicolette. It wasn’t the disobedience that bothered, Arison. It was that her mind was losing all forms of humanity faster than he thought.

Every step Frank took up the plank and to the platform, forced. They say the closer you get to death, the quicker you are to plead for forgiveness. Not Frank Paloma, though. He would sooner have his tongue cut out than admit he did anything wrong to Gypsy or her daughter. In his world, that was only business.

Twenty starving swine rooted around below, their sounds a cry for hunger, Nicolette made sure they weren’t fed in a week. She needed this to happen fast. The twenty-four hours that Arison allowed her was slowly coming to a close.

“Any last words?” she asked.

“Fuck you,” Frank laughed.

“Not if you were the last man on the planet,” Nicolette said. Without warning, the young brunette moved behind the male, a knife in hand, she reached around, forcing the blade into his gut, raking from sternum to pelvis. One swift slice brought a deep guttural moan from the male, his bowels purged from his body as she pushed him into the pen below.

Screams of hunger from the pigs brought silence almost immediately from Frank. Ripping chunks of flesh from his body, they tore into his body like a tank of sharks in a feeding frenzy. Mixing with the scent of their excrement was a sweet, pungent smell of copper. These vile creatures would not stop until the only part of Frank that remained was his skull. Even it was picked clean of flesh.

“Load them up and get them out of here. I’ll get the others from the building, and then have Marco make the call to Franks men,” she smiled. Nicolette checked her watch, a look of panic setting in, “We have 10 minutes to have this place empty, DO IT NOW!” she demanded. Arison would be there soon, and Nicolette would not allow him to see the carnage she caused. One last look down at the soaked blood swine, she smirked, “Frankie boy, tell the devil there’s a new kid in town. “

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