38 Franky boy

Nicolette waited. When Gypsy was out of the room, she turned to Frank, her face showing nothing but disgust for the man. Not only had he framed Gypsy for murder, but he stole her child and held her for a bounty. He was attempting to sell her to a known child predator. Frank Palona was the lowest form of human that walked the earth. In her eyes, she was doing the man a favor. If they allowed him to go to prison, they would murder him on the first day. Not that he wasn’t dying today, but his name would be at least be safe. Though his soul was another story.

“What the fuck are you trying to do here? Do you even know who the fuck I am?” Frank asked.

Laughing, Nicolette looked over at the male, her humor fading fast, “I do. You’re Frank Paloma. When I touched your cheek earlier, I learned of all your failed attempts to be a man. You had to pay whores to fuck you because well, we all know that was a gun in your pocket and not a dick. How the fuck you were able to produce a child, I will never know.” To add a little salt to the wound, she turned to Angelina, smirking, “I bet that little boy isn’t even his, is it?”

“You fucking bitch, of course, he’s Franks son,” Angelina screamed. “I never cheated on him. I was a faithful wife,” she added.

With doubt now in Frank’s mind, this sick little game was pitting husband against wife. The look on his face said it all. He doubted that his son was born from their conception.

“You god damn whore. Son of a bitch, I knew you cheated on me with that fucking guard of yours. You’re a dead woman, Angelina,” he screamed.

Before Nicolette could stop her, Angelina was on her feet, slapping her husband across the face with a force that echoed through the small room. “You bastard. You never even fucked me right. I thought Italian men were well hung? My husband has a fucking pinky dick,” she said. The insults poured out of the woman. Her final one would be a blow to Frank that shocked even Nicolette. “Last night, I had a real man. He fucked me. I came all over his cock. I came so many times, and yet, never once with you?” she said, her voice wobbling on laughter. “Get me the fuck out of here. You can have him,” Angelina spat.

During the back and forths of Angelina and Frank, Nicolette made her text to make sure that everything was in place. Assured that the guests had arrived, Nicolette was ready, but was Angelina? It would be the last time she ever saw her husband, and though a married couple fights, this would be their final battle.

“Tell him goodbye,” she looked to Angelina.

A hard slap to his face, a wad of spit from her mouth, and Angelina let Frank lay in his bed. A woman like her knows that this is the end. When you sign up as a mafia wife, you expect this sort of thing. As Frank always said, it was only business. His words would come back to haunt him today.

“Where the fuck are you going, whore?” Frank called out.

One last look, Angelina smirked, letting her words me his final blow. “To fuck the gardener in your bed. See you on the other side,” Angelina laughed as she left the room, and her husband to deal with his fate.

“You give a whore a good house, money, and respect, and this is how they repay you? This is why I should’ve listened to my mother and never married trash,” he said.

Nicolette ignored his last statement. Angelina might be a whore, but she was a good wife to the piece of shit.

The young brunette took a seat at the table, her heels teetering on edge. Well, not hers, but the ones she received from Gypsy on that fateful night. Allowing the red stiletto to hang from one toe, she felt the need to rub a little more salt in this wound. “You know, it never should’ve ended like this. You know that girl would never hurt a fly. Kidnapping your wife was so beneath her that it’s laughable. What you did to her child, I can’t forgive,” Nicolette said.

Frank sat across from her, his face unamused. He still didn’t believe this was happening. Not to a man like him. His men would break in anytime and slit this bitches throat. As the clock ticked on the wall, no one came in to save Frank. His anger was growing. He finally knew that this was how it would all end.

“Get up!” Nicolette said.

Frank did as told. His shoulders slumped over in defeat.

“Have you ever the movie, Hannibal?” Nicolette asked. As the door opened, the sounds grew louder. One pig devours a human in 5 days. 20, well, they will finish the job in a matter of seconds.

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