37 – Its only business

“I would like Spencer and Amelia removed from the room,” Nicolette said.

Two security guards entered, and without a sound, they secured the two and removed them from the makeshift courtroom. The moment that her security personal placed a hand on Spencer’s arm, there was a defeat in his eyes. Looking up at his daughter, was Spencer regretful that he was caught, or because he was now broke? No one would ever know, but it gave Nicolette satisfaction to know that her Uncle would suffer.

The door shut, the only four left in the room were Nicolette, Angelina, Frank, and Gypsy. No one else would need to witness what happened next. Three of the four held a dark secret that would brighten even hell with a fury it has never seen. Angelina Paloma would soon find out that the night her son was born, her husband wasn’t out of town like he claimed.

Gypsy leaned back against a wall, watching the happenings of the room. Her face held nothing but fear, but that would soon change. “Why am I here for this?” she asked. “I had nothing to do with Angelina. Why am I even here?” she asked again.

Frank and Angelina both looking over at the blond. One with disgust, and the other with confusion.

“What the fuck is she talking about right now?” Angelina asked. Her eyes on her husband, confused as to who the girl was, and why she mentioned her kidnapping. “I don’t know this bitch. Never saw her before?” Angelina said. The woman had the morals of an alley cat, and that mouth, why a mafia boss brought her into his world, Gypsy would never understand. She didn’t respect her husband. Frank is nothing but a checkbook to her, and they both were aware of that when they married.

Nicolette stepped up to enlighten them all. “It seems the Frankie boy here decided that this young girl was the one who kidnapped you. He framed her for murder, and in his pea brain, he assumed this was revenge,” Nicolette laughed.

“Who you calling a pea brain you fucking cunt?” Frank asked.

Angelina looked at her husband as though he was suffering from momentary insanity. “You did what? You thought some skinny-ass bitch could take me down? Who the fuck do you think you’re dealing with, Frank?” Angelina asked.

“Shut up, Angelina. If not for the kid, I would have let them kill you as you deserve,” Frank grunted his words.

Nicolette couldn’t help but laugh at this trainwreck of a marriage. Both of them should be ashamed of the way they spoke to each other. It was apparent that they didn’t marry for love. “Both of you quit talking. The court has come to order. Frank Paloma, you have been charged with the kidnapping of Grace Kennedy, the brutal attack of her mother, and selling a child into human trafficking. How do you plead?” Nicolette asked.

Gypsy covered her mouth, crying out before she lost all control. Running toward the male, hitting and kicking him, she was sickened. Was Frank going to sell her child? “You lousy son of a bitch. Did you take my baby? Did you plan on selling my daughter? What if I did that to your child? What if Angelina knew the night your son was born you brutally sexually attacked me? You told her it was business that kept you from birth. You lied to the mother of your son,” Gypsy screamed.

Angelina’s face as white as a ghost looked over at Frank, her eyes welling up with tears for the first time. “Frank, tell me she’s lying. Tell me she’s lying, Frank,” Angelina begged. She looked as though she was in a fight for her life, but she knew the truth in reality. If she were waiting for her husband to admit he was wrong, hell would freeze over first. Frank Paloma didn’t believe that he was at fault in any of this bullshit. He was a man and handling business, just like his father and all men before him.

“What the fuck do you want me to say, Angelina? Yeah, I took that bitches kid. I thought she kidnapped you. An eye for an eye, right? As for fucking her, yer god damn right I did. She got paid for it all, didn’t you, whore?” Frank said. “She needed some cash, and I needed pussy. You didn’t expect me to fuck you while pregnant with a boy. I ain’t no fucking faggot,” he said.

Nicolette stepped back, laughing at his last statement. Did men believe having sex with a woman could turn a male child gay? Wouldn’t that mean every man who had sex with a girl having a female child was a pedophile? Who the hell is teaching these men about sex?

“You dumb fucking goomba. Your dick never touches the child,” Angelina laughed.

“Enough! I’ve heard enough of this case. Frank Paloma, I find you guilty as charged!” Nicolette said.

The moment the announcement came down, the door opened to the hall, five men walked in, but none saying a word. The expression on the face of Frank was one of boredom. Some people had to see first hand the seriousness of their actions. Frank is one of them.

“Oh yeah, what the fuck. Are you going to clean out my bank account? Take my house? I got more money hidden than in plain sight. Bring that shit on, cunt,” Frank laughed.

“Gypsy, your daughter is waiting for you. I would prefer that you left before Frank’s sentenced for his crimes,” Nicolette said with a smile.

“Can I say one thing before I leave?” Gypsy asked.

Nicolette nodded, the girl deserved that much with all the hell she had endured.

The young blond turned to the male, shrugging her shoulders before speaking. “Frank, remember when you told me. Its only business? Well, guess what? Not this time, mother fucker. This time it’s personal. Get me out of here!”

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