Diary: Naughty Daddy

||This is a escort telling a client a bedtime story. Everyone is over the age of 18||

“Gypsy, your Daddy wants you to come over and tell him another goodnight story. How the fuck do you get away without even fucking this one?” Dave asked.

Grabbing the order as she walked by, laughing because she knew he was turned on by her incredible oral skills, “Pay me, and I might tell you one day!” With a paper in hand, the young blond left before Dave decided to take her up on the offer. She wouldn’t fuck him for any amount of money. It was just fun playing this little game with his mind. 

A few hours later, sitting in the middle of a hotel room bed, her client positioned himself in the chair to listen. Yes, he always jacked off and came, but he never asked her to do anything but make him believe the story was real. 

“Sit back and relax. I got a hell of a good one for you tonight. I’m feeling a little naughty,” smirking, she twisted the ponytails she wore.

She’s Daddy’s little girl. Sweet as sugar, and twice as pure. Nothing can ever touch his little Princess. Nothing but Daddy himself that is. Breed for his personal needs. She is the girl that Mama can never be.

The hotel room was remarkably painted pink. The smell of cotton candy that seemed to flow through the air duct system was a sign of youth and wonder. He asked her to place her hair in ponytails, and apply large pink bows to the highest part. Pink everywhere, even the panties he picked out for her were white, with pink hearts and flowers.

It was Memorial weekend, and she had a date with her pretend Daddy. So much planning went into this. She got the information a week ago and spent time shopping for their special night. She even researched using a voice that would be age-appropriate for this time. She must be the best at everything she does.

She could smell him as he walked the bedroom. If his cologne weren’t a dead giveaway, the sounds of his feet on the hardwood floor would be. Each step closer to the door had her more in character. Her feet were swinging from the bed, shoes dangling from the tips of her toes. She even took a cherry lolly and slipped it between her lips—the sweetness shocking her usual junk food free mouth with a taste of childhood delight. She suddenly understood the fetish more and more.

“Is that my daddy’s little girl sitting there looking so delectable?”

She nodded to him, her fingers now twirling that sucker over her glossed lips. It was entirely innocent, but she was sure to him, she was the perfect daughter for his twisted fantasies. She loves naughty little roleplays that let her take a walk into the past or the life of another. It seems a bit dirtier when they are so taboo like this one is.

“Daddy, come sit on the bed with me. I got a story for you.”

The room filled with giggles, and her voice though already young, dropped to a level that scared even her. She can sound freaky young when the story pulls her in. This time, she knew she would drop to a level that freaked Daddy out. Today she was just going to be a storyteller and stroke his cock while he listened—a naughty little bedtime story from a seductive minx.

Once upon a dream, a girl loved her Daddy so much that she became the only woman in his life. Mommy would get jealous of this girl, but she knew that to keep her husband, she would have to overlook things. Thankfully extra shopping trips, vacations alone, and the need to be taken care of ran deep. She closed her eyes to the deepening bond of Father and Daughter.

“Mommy went out tonight, Daddy. She said she wouldn’t be home till tomorrow. Does that mean I get to sleep in the big bed tonight?”

Her eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning. Bright orbs the resembled the color of the ocean watched the face of her Father. Wonder and lust flowed within her veins. She was the perfect creation, and just what a Man who craved innocence needed. They named her Lolita when she was born. It was a preview of things to come.

 “Of course, Princess. Anything you want, you get. You already know that I am your puppet, and you are my master.”

She wiggled her nimble little fingers over his zipper in approval. Lolita loved being called that name though she knew she would always please her Papa. Nails painted a soft shade of pink. The littlest fingernail adorned with a tiny white flower. She loved having manicures, and though her mother took her, she always asked her Dad what color he would prefer on her this week. Even Mommy didn’t do that. She was too selfish to worry about the feelings of others.

We all love a sweet little Angel.

She tucked her bottom lip between her teeth. The soft pillow clenched tight. It only then did those itty bitty digits worked their way to inching the 100-teethed zipper down. One, then another, she didn’t stop till running out of that barrier that held her Fathers’s manhood in confining restriction. No sooner had she broke the seal than the massive demon broke free from his pants. Was he bad for doing this? Or did he feed into the needs of this budding young succubus? Maybe a bit of both.

A significant contrast in size, her hand would barely fit halfway around his massive weapon. Guiding her with whispers, she placed her palm at the base of his shaft, pressing tight to that thick underbelly vein. The moment she applied pressure, a drop of ejaculatory fluid seeped from the tiny eye on the head. She giggled, her cerulean hues focused on the head, her hand pushing upward to force precum to the slit. Smirking as the little waif of a girl leaned down, her tongue collected up the donation. Curling the muscle, a pool of fluid settled in the curve. Not having anything else to compare the taste to, she deemed her Daddy to have the best candy in the world. It would be later in life when he shared his secret with other Men.

“Daddy, do you remember the very first time I saw you doing this? The night you taught me how to take your cock into my mouth?”

She was referring to masturbating. Daddy was on her bed and holding a pair of soil panties to his nose, and stroking his cock with another pair of her dirty silk undies. His eyes closed tight. She would watch for a full five minutes before being caught. Unlike the usually frightened Man, he called her into the room and allowed her to view his self-pleasure.

“Do you like what you see, Princess? Pull your dress up a bit for Daddy. I need to see that little cookie of yours.”

Of course, she did as told. She did not know that this was wrong. If you raise a person to think the world is terrible, they will see it all as bad. She’s raised to see sex as something a Man and Woman do for pleasure. It wasn’t the first time she had seen him naked, but in this setting, she was amazed. Why did he have her panties and not my Mothers? Should he be getting all that stuff on her pretty pink pair? She was mesmerized.

“I want to watch Daddy.”

For what seemed like hours, she sat on her knees on the floor doing just that. It would only be moments before Daddy suggested her hand replace his. At first, he placed her smaller hand to his as if to show the difference in size. It was when he put those tiny digits on his cock, and stretched them around, that she knew she was masturbating him.

“That’s a good girl. You’ve made Daddy so happy, baby girl. Now stroke like I did. Make me feel good pumpkin.”

Who wouldn’t want all these terms of endearment used on them? She’s only human, and she seeks the attention and praise from others. Her fingers tingled with excitement. She was forcing that slit to seep precum fluids, not even knowing the was something that happened when you did it right. For some reason, she wanted to lick it, but she didn’t. Not this time, at least. Later, when alone, she would lick her fingers. She would still taste the residue of his cream under her nails. That was the night she became addicted to the taste of a Man.

“Here it comes, baby. Watch baby!”

Suddenly, the slit shot out massive streams of fluid. Milky white, and thick, Her eyes widened as she watched this volcano explode in front of her. Opening her mouth wide, not to catch it, but in shock. He seemed to cum a gallon as the bubbling fluid ran down her fingers. It was warm, and the more the ejaculated, the more she wanted to catch. She fell in love with masturbating her Daddy that day, and he became addicted to his Princess, jacking him off.

She jumped off the bed, smiling. , Storytime was over for this dirty Daddy, but he came back the next day for another bedtime story with Gypsy. 

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