The calmness would not last long for Nicolette. The wrath was coming, and her hands shook with anticipation. She had killed men in the past, but none would give her the pleasure this one would. Frank Paloma’s name was on the books, and death was coming to collect. She knew it, and in a way, she knew that he knew he would never make it out of the building alive. Angelina would say goodbye to her husband, and their two-year-old son would never see his father again. Some think killing is easy, but she will be taking a parent from a child. Tonight was not for the weak of heart. It was payback.

Everything fell into place. There will be four sitting in the courtroom tonight. All allowed to voice their thoughts, but none able to change the outcome. Nicolette would not “fuck up” again. Death was written, and she would deliver the sentence.

“Boss, it’s all ready. I brought in three of the four, but getting that mama away from her kid’s will prove impossible. We can’t have a baby watching this. Right, Boss?” security asked.

“Take the baby to Marco. Tell the mother I said it was okay, and that he would not be allowed without a guard. He’s the only one I trust with the child,” Nicolette said. She knew that Gypsy would fight this for a moment, but she would need to be there when this happened. Maybe not the actual takedown, but the trial. The court awaited the witness, and Nicollete was the sitting Judge.

Screams came from down the hall when the child was secured, Gypsy stomping into the room, halting the moment she saw the people waiting. “What the hell are they doing here?” she said. Panic on her face, she knew that her parents were in the building, but Frank? He was the Devil. In her life, she called two people by that name, but only one deserved it. Frank Paloma. Her father was just a pervert. He didn’t earn such a prestigious title.

Nicolette watched her cousin go from happy to horrified, but what Gypsy would find out was even the Devil paid for his sins. Tonight there was a new woman on the throne. Nicolette would take over his reign. It was time that worried Arison the most. He knew his young prodigy would prove to be more lethal than he could control.

“Gypsy, take a seat. It’s time for the trial to begin. The first one who will pay for his sin is Spencer. It’s time,” Nicolette said.

Spencer looked smaller than he ever had in the past, taken from his chair to stand in the middle of the room, the fear on his face said everything.

“What the fuck is this?” asked Angelina. She had been quiet until now. Angelina was not even paying attention to her husband in the room. It was as though she was ashamed of something. Nicolette knew what that something was.

“Shut the fuck up, you dirty rotten whore,” Frank spat, his words brutal to his wife.

“Who the fuck are you calling a whore? You worthless piece of shit. Some man you are. Letting your wife get kidnapped. I thought you were a real man? The great Frank Paloma nothing but a dumb fucking dumb wop,” Angelina said.

As they bantered back and for, Nicolette grew bored with the insults. It was not their time. That was coming soon enough.

“Shut the fuck up. You two can have your time soon, right now, it’s time for Spencer to meet his sentence,” Nicolette said. Her voice growing agitated as the time passed, she knew they were on a time crunch. Franks men would soon make themselves known.

Nicolette looked over to her cousin, smiling, “Gypsy, is there anything you want to say before I pass sentence on your father?”

Tonight would be a defining moment for the 18-year-old. Gypsy would finally get her chance to speak. All of those years of abuse were finally coming to an end, and though she should be elated, she was scared.

Spencer stood in the middle of the room, his hands bound behind his back, waiting. If he knew one thing, tonight would not end the way the thought.

“I need to make my peace with him,” Gypsy said. As she moved closer, her body shook with fear. It was the last time she would ever fear this man, and in some ways, that scared her more than anything. She stood only feet away from her father when this started. A place she swore she would never allow herself to be. “You hurt me. I was a little girl who loved her father, and I felt hurt. I begged for you to stop, but all you did was bring in your friends. Each of you was taking his turn to kill every bit of my childhood. It’s not right. I was a little girl who trusted her father, and you took all of that because why? Are you sick? I refuse to believe that. Amelia might, but I don’t drink the Koolaid. You’re a selfish man. When I finally pulled myself away,” she cried, the tears running down her face, “You took that away as well—my husband. Grace’s father’s gone because of what you did. You had no fucking right to do that,” she screamed.

She was pulling herself back for a moment. Gypsy collected her words, looked up at him as her hands wiped the tears from her face, and spit in the face of the man she called her father. It was the filthiest act, and the one she knew would affect him the most. Men like Spencer don’t take pleasure in being put in their place by a female.

“I hate you. I hope that you fucking rot in hell, the both of you,” she screamed before

Nicolette watched the interaction between the two before she brought down the sentence that would destroy Spencer. She knew where a man like him could be hurt the most—his wallet.

“Spencer, you have been found guilty of the crimes that you are charged. In this court, my court! Every bank account, even those off-shore accounts, will remain at a zero balance when you leave this building tonight. Your home is in the process of being seized due to the confession you made about hurting your daughter. Remember, you made that confession on social media, I assure you, all the right people watched. All monies donated to children of the night shelters all over the United States. I suggest the two of you get jobs. The Supreme court will not allow a sitting judge to remain with the charges you have been found guilty of,” Nicolette said. “Oh, as for family money, that’s transferred to the rightful owners. Old man Joe left that to his Grandchildren. All of them will finally get their fair share, and the two of you, nothing.”

Spencer clutched his chest, his wife sobbing as she ran to his side, beating on his chest, “You son of a bitch. What the fuck am I going to do now?”

Gypsy laughed, standing straight as she looked at her mother, “Get a job? I know a fat bastard looking for a few good girls to work.”

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