Do you remember the first time your parents told you they were taking you to Disneyland? Or that feeling you got on Christmas morning when you saw everything you wanted under the tree? That was how Gypsy felt at that moment. Her daughter was only feet away from her, and her arms already ached to hold her. To embrace her and never let go of the little one. When she got her back, she was running as far away from this life as possible.

“Please, I need to see her now,” Gypsy begged.

Nicolette knew this could go bad any second now. The moment that Frank knew Gypsy was in the building, they would need to make sure he couldn’t get to her.

“One minute, and I will take you to her. Right now, sit tight. My security is handling a situation right now, and then, Grace will be forever in your arms,” said Nicolette.

In the other room, the events would need to unfold swiftly. The only way to get frank in their control was to get him away from Marco. The bigger man was on edge the moment he walked in the building with Grace in his arms. One could tell that he loved that child by the way she clung to his chest. Little did Grace know she was to be sold to her grandfather, and into the arms of a predator. That was one thing that Nicolette would never allow to happen. Spencer would never get his greasy little fingers near his granddaughter. Grace Kilani Kennedy would never sleep in the fear her mother did. She wouldn’t wake to the hands of the boogyman. It was a promise Nicolette would make the child the first time she held her in her arms.

With Marco’s guard down for a moment, Frank found himself pinned to the ground looking up at the barrel of a gun. Marco had no time to react with an infant in his arms.

“Mother fucker better put that fucking gun away, or every son of a bitch in this place is dead. That fucking kid being the first one to go,” Frank threatened.

“Boss, what you want me to do?” Maroc asked Frank.

“Kill the kid! Do it!” Frank ordered.

Before Maroc could react, five men held guns to him, Nicolette walking forward from the shadows to take Grace out of harm’s way. She knew the moment she reached for the baby that Marco would never hurt that child. A simple touch to his arm and she felt his heartbreaking. He would never see Grace again, and he knew that he was as dead as Frank without the child in his hands. She would keep it to herself that Marco was not dying, not tonight at least.

Holding Grace tight, she looked over to one of her security team, still on edge as she held the child, “Tie that piece of shit in the floor up, and the other one, take him to a secure room. I want them separated.”

As the men were handled, Nicolette looked at her little cousin for the first time. She was beautiful. Dark hair with curls, and eyes the color of the ocean. The kind of child that left you awestruck.

“Miss Grace. Little lady, do you know how many people are looking for you? I bet you want to meet someone special right now, though. Let’s go see your Mama,” she said.

As proud as if she was the child’s mother, Nicolette walked Grace down the hallways, her head now resting on Nicolette’s shoulder. She was at peace. Since she placed her hand on Gypsy’s stomach and felt the life inside, she has waited for this moment. No mother should ever have their child taken out of fear.

“Gypsy, I have someone who would like to meet you,” Nicolette said as she walked through the open door.

Holding her chest with tears running down her face, the young blond cried out the moment she saw her daughter. “Oh god, you look like your daddy.” Without being asked, she reached for her daughter, the little girl doing the same. It was as though Grace knew this was her mother. Clinging to her daughter, Gypsy slipped to the floor, resting on her knees as she sobbed, “Mommy will never leave you again. I swear to it. I will never allow anyone to take my angel away again.”

“I will leave the two of you alone for a while. I have a situation to handle in the other room. I will need you soon, Gypsy. You deserve to confront the man who did this to you,” Nicolette said.

Gypsy looked up from her daughter, nodding her head at her cousin. She wanted this over, but for the next few moments, she needed to count toes and fingers and tell her daughter that she loved her. The moment the room was empty, she sat on the floor with Grace in her arms, smiling as she told her about her father.

“Daddy would have loved his Kiki. I know that’s what he would have called you. Your daddy was the best thing that ever happened to me, and you will never go a day not knowing how deeply he loved you and wanted nothing more than to be a family. Grace, I promise I will make him proud of me. I swear it,” she whispered as she watched the childs face in wonder.

If heaven has windows, she hoped right now that Kaine was smiling down on his family.

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