“Marco, get that fucking brat ready. The plane leaves in an hour, and I have a fucking score to settle,” Frank barked. Since the moment Angelina disappeared, Frank felt as though he had lost property. Someone took away what he bought the day they were married. You don’t fuck with a man like Frank and live to see another day.

Marco didn’t want this to happen. Grace was a part of his family now, and his wife was growing attached to the little one. For all this child had been through, she was still a perfect angel. His children cried more than she did at that age. Marco didn’t know why the mother gave the kid away, but he thought she wasn’t wanted. Frank had never enlightened him to that part of the business, only that he had a business relationship with the mother. “Boss, I need to talk to you before we take the kid. My wife she wants to keep the little girl. You know how women are. She’s attached, and when I told her I needed to take the girl back, she put me on the couch,” Marco said. He wasn’t proud of the fact that his wife was in charge of the family.

“The kid has been sold already to her grandfather. Tell your wife to say goodbye, and buy her something nice,” Frank said. The deal with Spencer was already in the works, and Frank was promised forty grand for the delivery of the little girl. That kind of money was something Frank wouldn’t turn down. Plus, that brat meant nothing to him or his family. The bitch should have aborted the kid when she had the chance.

“But Boss,” Marco started, but stopped the moment Frank walked away.

The deal had already been set in motion. All Frank needed was that kid for bait today, and he would bring Angelina home with him by the end of the evening.

Three hours later, Frank made a call to his men to keep low and be ready to ignite the place once he was out. No one fucks with the Paloma family and lives to tell about it. That blonde bitch would be the first one he took out. It was because of her that his poor wife was now a dirty whore. If he could get away with it, Angelina would die as well. Too bad his son loved his mother.

“When we get inside, you keep that kid with you. Do not under any circumstances let her get into the hands of anyone. Shoot those fucks if anyone gives you shit,” Frank said. He knew that if Gypsy got her hands on that baby, she would run and he would have a hell of a time catching up with the whore. In all his years with the young blond, he knew she could be a conniving little bitch, and sneaky. Hell, she got away with stealing his wife right under his nose. Frank knew damn well she didn’t, but that was the reason she would die today.

It was an hour drive from LAX to the warehouse, Los Angeles traffic at it’s finest. He was glad he lived in Las Vegas every time he visited the city of angels. The was nothing sacred about that place. Frank, Marco, and Grace all three were expected, but what the bitch inside didn’t know was fifteen of his best men waiting to burn that mother fucker to the ground. In all his years, no one has ever taken something that belonged to him and lived. That little Italian bitch would regret the day called him in for this meeting.

The two men stepped from the car along with the baby, unaware they were being watched on a security camera. Nicolette sat on the other side of the screen, plotting the death of one of the highest-ranking mafia bosses and never batting a lash. There were plenty of times where she did things out of spite or anger, but this death would be sheer wrath. Like the seven deadly sins, this would be the part where Frank Paloma finally realized that a woman was more than the cunt she was born with. He would meet the hands of God tonight.

“They’re here,” a voice called from the other side of the door. It was the man who worked for her, and he wouldn’t be alone tonight. His army might not equal Franks, but in wits and ability, they had ten-fold over Frank.

“Bring them in. I want everyone else to stay put until needed. No need to get Angelina screaming again. That bitch is driving me nuts,” Nicolette said. “Let me know when Gypsy arrives. Once she does, we can get this all started,” she said. “Make sure all weapons are checked at the door. If he gives you any shit, remind him that his wife can come home in a box if he prefers,” she said. Nicolette was taking no chances tonight. She knew the dirty work of Frank Poloma all too well, but tonight his terror was over.

Tonight would be like none other. Not every one that walked in would walk out. Nicolette’s main focus was to protect that child at all costs and to make sure the mother never spent another day without her daughter.

As the time drew near, everything came down to the moment that Gypsy would arrive. “A car is pulling in. It’s the mother,” security said.

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