He stole her kisses in the sand, and she fell in love for the last time. This boy, man, love of her life, took her heart, and she never resisted. If you’ve never known what love was, it will catch you off guard and take your breath away. Gypsy Kennedy was in love with that boy, and her heart would never be the same. Sometimes God gives you a grain of rice, and on the hull, you paint the story of your life.

“Hawaii? Let me take you home for a visit. You can meet my family,” he said. “I want to teach you about pineapples, spam, and how to love. I want you to see my world. I’ve already seen yours,” he said.

“Really? I’m scared. What if they hate me?” she asked.

Shaking his head, Kaine pulled her into his arms, peppering her face with kisses, “I love you, so they will too. Plus, you can see my mom’s house.”

Family meant everything to Gypsy. Well, not her own, but she often dreamed of having one—a house with a white fence, a dog, and parents who loved her. Some of her friends had that growing up, and she was always the extra at the table. Always invited, but never fit. The hardest part of being a child was having no one to call your own.

Four weeks into dating, sitting alone in the bathroom at Kaine’s house in Hawaii, the world changed forever. Two faint lines on a pregnancy test would forever change their lives. Gypsy was pregnant with their child. She would finally have the family that she so dearly wanted. The one thing she knew for sure was that her parents would never see this child, nor would they ever have the ability to hurt the baby as they hurt Gypsy. Being a mother was the one thing she never thought she would become. Now, as tears rolled down her face, she knew this was the moment that she had waited for all of her life.

“There is something in the bathroom you need to handle,” she called out, walking outside and sitting on the porch. On the counter, she left the positive test, waiting for Kaine to find out that they were pregnant. She was scared to death that he would leave her over this accident, and she would be left to raise a child alone. She didn’t believe in abortion for herself, and even if she did, there was no way she could take the life of someone she loved.

The door opened, and closed, footsteps behind her, Gypsy sat there with dread in her heart. This time the gods were looking down at the young girl in the form of a man. With tears in his eyes, he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight in his embrace. If you ever lost the piece to a puzzle and suddenly found it, that was the feeling she had the moment he held her close to his heart. “Marry me,” he said. “Marry me right here, right now. Marry me, and we never have to leave this place,” he whispered.

Hours later, with tears falling down the faces of both, they married on the beach at sunset, his Aunt and Uncle officiating the ceremony. There was no dress, no flowers, and no friends, but that was the moment she became his wife, and best friend. Many people would say the socialite married down, but for Gypsy, she married someone so much better than her that it blew her mind this man could love a whore. The fact that she never told him about, and never planned on until once again, fate ripped her heart right out of her chest and took away the only person she loved.

Days later, after returning to California to put the house on the market and pack, her world crashed and burned into a million fragments of pain.

“You couldn’t have fucking told me? I married a fucking escort,” Kaine screamed. His face filled with disgust as he looked at his new bride. “Are you even sure that fucking kid is mine,” his words filled with anger and disgust.

Gyspy stood there with her jaw dropped, her hands to her chest. Every fiber of her being torn from her flesh. Did he think their child was not his child? She hadn’t been with anyone but him in 7 months. He was the only one who could be the father of that child.

“Are you fucking joking right now? You don’t know what I did? I’m sure someone told you before we married, and guess what, I haven’t touched anyone,” she screamed. “I never fucking lied because I stopped before you even met me,” her voice cracking.

Kaine paced the floor, his head filled with pain, disgust, and anguish, he looked to his bride, shaking his head, “I need the fuck out of here. You fucking lied to me.”

As she stood in the middle of her living room, Gypsy fell to the floor, screaming in pain. It wasn’t the baby, or anything physical. Her heart had broken from the words he said, and nothing would ever fix this suffering. That was the day she knew he was gone. The day she broke his heart and hers along the way. A whore is good for one thing. Laying on her back and letting a man satisfy his needs. You never fall in love because when you do, your heart dies. When he didn’t come home night after night, she knew that God had given up on her, and she was paying the price for her sins. She always knew he was too good for here, and this proved it all.

Mahalo Kaine
I will love you till the last breath in my body takes me to the soil below

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