Finding Vengeance -2

Frank Paloma wasn’t a nice man. Overall, he was one of the biggest wastes of air still walking the planet, but he had something going for him that Gypsy needed—his family. Notorious for cleaning things up, the Paloma family could make all your problems disappear. Gypsy was banking on that the moment she realized what happened back in that hotel room. She stabbed the man, but it wasn’t in self-defense. She came there willingly and to make money. Even her family name couldn’t help her with this one.

The young blond stared at the ceiling, her arm stretching out to grab her cell phone. Frank was the only one she knew that could and would make this the dust under someone else’s rug. No matter what he wanted, for this, she would make sure she was forever grateful.

A swipe of her finger across the phone, it didn’t take two rings for him to answer the phone. Unusual!

“How’s my favorite piece of ass?” he said.

Her hands shook as she put the phone on speaker, laying it across her stained blood chest. “I need your help -it’s an emergency,” she said. Her voice was cracking, emotions spilling out for the first time since she stabbed the man. She was willing to beg him for help.

“You always need my help but never give me a discount on your services. See how this works? I help you, and you help me,” he said.

“You can have what you want after today. Please, I need your help right now,” Gypsy begged.

“Since I’m having a good day, how can I help you, beautiful?” Frank asked.

“Frank, I stabbed someone. God, help me. I might have killed the man,” she cried. “He told me bad things about my childhood, and I stabbed him in the back of the neck. Please make it go away,” her voice muffled with tears.

If Gypsy could see the smirk on Franks’s lips, she would have fled the country and took the lashings coming to her. He now had her right where he wanted the young girl.

“Address and name. I’ll have some men clean up the situation, but remember this call because I’ll never forget it,” Frank said.

Gypsy filled him in on who the man was, what was said and done, and where he was located. Reassured that it was as good as done, she thanked him but knew something terrible was coming. All the fine hairs on the back of her neck stood up, almost paralyzing her with a newfound fear.

Three hours later, the police arrived at a hotel room covered in blood, on the floor laid Supreme Court Justice Robert Hernandez, 54, from New York. Sprawled across the bed was a hooker taking the last breaths of her life, her body covered in blood. Her DNA all over Robert’s body to not only ruin his name but give the cops a motive for this attack. To the untrained eye, the wallet open and on the floor led the police to believe that this was a robbery gone bad—the female shot with a small-caliber handgun in the hand of the victim. Closed case! She stabbed him, and he shot her before falling to the ground. His vocal cords severed along with his spine. Robert would never speak or walk again. He wasn’t dead, but he would later wish for the mercy of his family to take him off all forms of life support.

Alone in her home, the news playing in the other room, Gypsy heard the unimaginable.

-Supreme court justice Robert Hernandez found in downtown Los Angeles hotel stabbed. An unidentified woman was found deceased along with him. The scene thought to be a failed robbery attempt—Justice Hernandez’s life-flighted to UCLA medical center with multiple stab wounds and loss of blood. The family can’t be reached for questions. More on the 10 o’clock news-

Gypsy sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, shaking. She had stabbed a man. She never realized how deep her rage went till the moment he confessed his participation in the acts of her father. In her mind, she saved another girl from going through what she had as a young teen. She allowed someone else never to fear the dark because, at night, the bad men come to hurt little girls. Parents often use the boogyman to get their children to behave, but her father was the boogyman, and she would forever dread 3 am.

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