Fall of a heiress Pt – 2

“The moment the flight lands, you’re to check on the package. Inside the envelope I gave you there are a time and direction to where you will be able to see the gift,” Arison said. His words direct and to the point, he thought that Nicolette would understand that she was only to view the gift. “Do not touch it. I mean that. You are not to in any way change the directions of where this is gift goes,” he repeated.

Twenty-four hours later, parked outside of a restroom in Barstow California, the world would change. Inside laid an eighteen-year-old girl taking her last breaths. A girl so deeply troubled that she felt the only outcome to ending her pain was a razor across her arms. This event was the death of her and her unborn daughter. Sitting in the car, unknowing to her, Nicolette was changing the facts of history and possibly causing the downfall of humanity to begin. Little did she know, the gift was for her to spend the last few moments with her cousin. Something her mother was never able to share. A handheld during a passing can bring peace to the soul on its way to departure.

Exiting her car, the Italian teen knocked softly on the dingy door to the bathroom, shocked when she heard the cry coming from inside. Nicolette placed her hand on the door, a rush of emotions flooding through her body. On the other side of the door, there was a recipe for disaster, and she knew the moment her hand touched wood, this was the gift she sought. “Open the door. Please open the door,” Nicolette screamed, her fist pounding on the wood. “Please help me. I need help!” she said. A single trucker coming from the men’s room was her savior that night. Kicking open the old door, the wood splintering, Nicolette got the first view of the girl on the floor. “Jesus, help me,” she screamed, pushing her way through the fragments into the room, knowing the moment she touched her that she would never be the same. Arisons voice playing in her head like a broken record. She was only to view the gift, not to touch.

Nicolette fell to her knees, her hand taking the females, waves of emotions flooded her with the horrors of this girl past. Screams for help, begging her father not to touch her and pleasing with her mother that she was not a whore. Sobbing, it was the first emotions that Nicolette experienced. Her sheltered life never showed her this side of the world. The evil of humanity was playing on a reel in front of her. She drank in every drop of the woman’s pain. It was the dual heartbeats coming from inside that forced her eyes to the male who stood there in disbelief. She was pregnant.

“Call the police, the emergency squad. Please, the woman is with a child. Please call someone,” she begged.

Nicolette placed her hand back on the woman’s stomach, her world for a few seconds going black. What she was about to experience what no person should ever have to endure.

“Please, father, save me. Please help me,” the female screamed as she laid on the tile of the Vatican floor, holding her swollen belly. Screaming in waves of pain, the sixteen-year-old nun spilled forth her sins onto the cold marble, her breath weakening with every whimper of pain.

“Get rid of her and that spawn,” screamed the mother superior as she handed over a pillow to another young nun. “Dispose of her. She gave birth to the child of Satan. We must destroy it,” the elder nun announced. Withing moments, Sister Mary Grace was gone, and the child handed off to a man who swore he would rid the world of the beast. For the first time, she witnessed her own birth and the death of her mother. Nicolette would never allow this woman to die in vain nor the child.

Four hours later, sitting in a pool of drying blood, the young Italian beauty would forever be bound to this young girl. She altered history and broke her promise to Arison. She tampered with the package, and he would never forgive her for the wrath she was unleashing from the heavens above.

As each child is born, they’re given a day of birth and a day of death. To change that is to alter the book of life.

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