“What the hell do you want from me?”

Gypsy sat alone in her car, screaming at the top of her lungs. Why was this being, this devil coming for her in the most intimate of ways? She was not the kind of woman who believed that a spirit existed, yet as the rosary beads burned inside of her, she cried out in pain for the one person she honestly knew would never hurt her on purpose. She cried for the man she met on the beach who turned a hopeless girl into a woman. Her tears wouldn’t matter. He was dead. He left her to fend for herself, yet she trusted him with her life. For the first time in her life, Gypsy realized the truth about it all. She was so angry at Kaine for leaving her and Grace. He never even met the child he wanted so badly.

As the tears poured down Gypsy’s cheeks, she dropped her head forward to rest on the steering wheel. Closing her eyes tight, she fell back into a time where she knew she met the man of her dreams. The beach in front of her home would be the one place she could always look to and know that there was a God. He did exist because he brought Kaine into her life.

“Hey, you surf?” she called out to the male, watching her from the shore.

Standing, he walked closer, nodding his head at her. Didn’t she see the board he was sitting on? Just another dumb blonde, but damn, this one was beautiful.

“I own the surf shop down the beach. The name is Kaine. You come here often?” he asked, knowing right away that was the dumbest line. “Do you feel like heading out tonight?” he asked. What he meant was did she want to night-surf with him.

The pit of her stomach ached the moment she met him. That face, god, what did he see in her. She was a common whore, and he was this Hawaiian god. The funny thing was, he didn’t have a clue who or what she was. All he knew was he wanted to spend some time with this beautiful girl.

Days and weeks passed, she knew she was in love with him, and it scared her to death. Was she even worthy of someone loving her like a man loved a woman? No, but heaven help the one who told her that she couldn’t be in love.

As she leaned heavier on the wheel, her eyes tightened, and she felt a warm rush of love wash over her body. Standing on the beach at sunset, the sounds of Hawaiian music playing, Kaines Uncle pronounced them man and wife. Little did his family know, inside of her, Grace was growing and waiting to be a part of their family and to be loved in only the way they could. It was the Hawaiian way. Her dress plain, she wore a flower in her hair, and the rings, Kaine had them made by a local craftsman. She would never forget the way it felt to be told that she was his wife. Sadly after that day, nothing was the same.

“Why did you leave me? I loved you so much. How could you walk away from your daughter? You promised me you would never leave me,” she cried. No one heard her tears, but for a brief moment, she felt him there with her. A hand on her shoulder, fingers moving a strand of her long blonde hair, she felt like he was there if only for a brief second in time. All over again, her heart broke into a million fragments of glass, never to be put back together again. How could they be? She would always be in love with that 19-year-old boy on the beach.

Brought back to reality with a knock on the car window, she never seen the cop pull up. “Miss, are you okay?” he asked.

Nodding her head, she rolled down the window, looking at him with sorrow in her eyes, “My husband’s gone. I don’t think I will ever be okay again.” It was the truth. She would never again be a whole woman with the ability to love a silly boy standing on the beach. She was a woman now in search of a child that she threw away. One that she wanted more than she wished for air to breathe.

“I’m sorry. Do you want me to call someone for you?” the cop asked.

Shaking her head, shrugging her shoulders, she admitted to what would be the hardest things she ever said. “I have no one. Not a soul in the world that can help me through this, but I’ll be okay,” nodding her head, whispering.

“You need to go home and rest. Should I drive you?” the officer asked.

“No. I have to make plans. I will be fine,” Gypsy said.

With a weak smile, she clicked the seatbelt, starting the car. She would be okay because okay was all she could be. Grace needed her mother, and she needed to be with her daughter. Heaven and hell could collide, but she would hold that little girl in her arms and be the one to protect her from all the dragons. The slayer of her nightmares, and the one who would never leave her again. She would do what Kaine promised and take care of what was hers. That little girl was all she had left of the best part of her life.

An ache deep inside of her stomach let her know that the forces of hell were strong, but the beating of her heart was proof that if you love someone, they never die.

Afterthought: They say you know you’re a writer when the story you write breaks your own heart. This did. I am a writer in love two people that only exist in my own head. Kaine and Gypsy are my heart. Anyone who knows me, knows right now, I am wiping away the tears because these two shared something that only fairytales are made of. They both knew what it was like to honestly be in love. Such a rare thing in such an evil world.

~The writer

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