Part 28 – Spencer


Everyone is born for a reason. Some to lead, some to follow, but how does God choose? Nicolette’s birth horrific in its own right, why was she chosen to be the one to save someone as common as a whore? The product of a rape, surely anyone would have thought the one to save humanity would be someone pure of heart. Why the daughter of a soiled Nun, or the bastard child of a pedophilic Priest?

“Bring him in. I think it’s time I met my Uncle Spencer,” Nicolette said. After arriving back at the warehouse from her night of revenge, the young brunette already knew she not only did she have Angelina, she now had Spencer Kennedy. His screams gave him away even before she knew her guard had brought him in for a little visit. Wasn’t he the one who threatened people, molested little girls, and destroyed families? Surely this bitch crying down the hall couldn’t be her Uncle?

Spencer now placed in the middle of the room, his hands bound behind his back. Never in a million years did Nicolette think that someone as vindictive as this man could have tears running down his cheeks, and piss staining the front of his trousers. If only Aunt Amelia could see him now. Would she still drink his kool-aid? Or would she finally understand that he was simply a weak little man who had only the power his victims allowed?

The moment she walked in, Spencer lifted his head, looking at her as though she was filth. Well, in most people’s eyes, she was an abomination. “You fucking whore. Untie me now, or I will have you arrested for kidnapping an officer of the United States Government!” Spencer screamed.

She shook her head, dragging over a chair to place in front of the man. “Spencer Kennedy, are you scared of a little girl?” she asked with amusement in her voice. “As for having me arrested? You might want to reconsider who will be leaving in handcuffs when this is all over,” she said.

“Who the fuck are you? Spencer demanded.

Taking a seat across from him, Nicolette looked over at him with a sense of wonder in her eyes, “Your Niece. What a lovely welcome you give someone who traveled from Italy to meet you.”

His eyes were squinting, glaring at the beautiful young female. Spencer shook his head at her, almost growing as he spoke. “You’re not my Neice. What the hell do you want from me? Money? I won’t give you a dime,” he threatened. “You let me go right now or I,” he said, leaning closer, “will rip your fucking head off.”

Her sigh should’ve given him a warning that Nicolette was losing amusement in the man. He was not at all what she assumed. “Oh, Spencer, I thought the big man lawman would be more of a challenge,” she laughed. Nicolette had plans to destroy him, but first, she wanted the world to see him for the person he was, not the Judge. Motioning for the guard to bring over a large manilla envelope, she set up scene one. Slowly opening the envelope, pulling out the first picture, she held it up for Spencer to see. “Do you remember this? How old was Mary? Preteen? Spencer Kennedy, did you take a picture of a little girl sleeping so innocently in her bed? Shame on you!” she said.

His face turned stark while. He was in a state of shock. “How the fuck did you get that picture?’ he demanded.

“Well, it wasn’t hard. I mean really, these are all over the internet,” Nicolette said. Pulling out another, then another, all of them is a state of undress, the child was clearly drugged. Anyone could see that by the position of her body, and her facial features, she was not conscious. “This one is the worst, though,” she said. Holding up a picture of Mary with another man, Nicolette was doing all she could to not vomit at the sight of such disgust. No child, no person, should ever have to go through life knowing that her father did this while she slept.

“You fucking cunt. How the hell,” he screamed, his eyes never leaving the pictures. Every one of the photos was put up for safekeeping.

“Such language. You know, a real man would never allow their child or anyone’s child to endure these horrors. You caused them all, Spencer. You are the boogy man. A preditor in the night,” she said. “Poor little Mary was so scared that the man she called Daddy was the man who did this to her,” she said.

“No one was supposed to see those pictures. That fucking whore showed you, didn’t she? I’ll kill her as I should’ve done back then. There is no fucking proof I took these. It could have been her mother that did it. Maybe the hired help. We did hire some illegals. Yeah, fucking bastards did this to my daughter. No one will believe otherwise,” he laughed.

Nicolette couldn’t believe how well this went. Spencer Kennedy admitted to molesting his daughter and threatened to kill her. The man signed his own arrest records and didn’t even realize how much trouble he brought to his family with that confession.

As she walked over to the light switch, turning it on, her hand reached for the camera to shut it down. “No one would believe me if I told them Spencer, but I didn’t tell them. You live-streamed a confession to your Instagram. All of your millions of followers just watched the confession of a lifetime, and I didn’t have to do shit to get it from you,” she laughed. Before he could react, she left the room, giving orders for him to be taken to a private room and put to sleep for the night. Little Mary Kennedy was given a sedative before she abused. Spencer Kennedy would feel it all. As she walked down the hall with a satisfied look on her face, what gave her peace was knowing there was a special place in hell for men like him. Prison!

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