The set up – 27

A sin-eater takes the sins of others, Nicolette came into her powers the day she sat in the church with Gypsy. Touching the female, every sorrow that plagued the woman was building inside of the other. Rage and pain high on the emotions, it was the fear that hit her the hardest. At 19, she never felt the betrayal of a father though she was the product of a brutal rape.

The heavens showered down on the sports car as Nicolette weaved in and out of the light traffic on the freeway as she headed back to the warehouse. Strikes of lightning led her way, but there was still rage inside of the small brunette’s soul. With Frank, Gypsy, and Spencer arriving in 22 hours, she had one last call to make before the stage set for the biggest night of her life. It was time to make the call. That poor girl would never be the same after tonight.

“Search Serenity,” she spoke. Her phone searching contacts, dialing the number of Spencer Kennedy’s seventeen-year-old toy. She wasn’t old enough to play, yet he took the child’s virginity and her respect. In the eyes of Nicolette, he was a predator and must be stopped. If her parents wouldn’t do it, she would.

“Hello,” Serenity said. Her voice as sweet as honey and dripping what’s left of her innocence.

Dropping her voice, Nicolette mimicked Gypsy’s voice. She knew it well. She took the sins from the young blonde and placed them in her vault for this very moment.

“Please, Daddy, don’t hurt me again,” she said. Her voice in a begging childlike tone. It held both fear and pain. As she drove, Nicolette shook in anger. No child should ever fear sleep.

“Hello, who is this? I think you have the wrong number,” Serenity whispered. She felt like she was being pulled into something that scared her.

“No, oh god, please not again. Please don’t touch me, Daddy. Please, I’m scared,” Nicolette cried. Her voice the exact match to Gypsy’s at the age her father began his abuse. Her stomach was churning from the images that played on repeat in her head.

Spencer Kennedy stood at the edge of his daughters’ bed, a camera recording his abuse. He touched her in the vilest ways, but never fully. He was waiting for the right moment, but that never came. He was never allowed to take his daughter’s innocence. She sold that to the highest bidder as a fuck you to her father.

“Miss, little girl, please stop. I’m not whom you’re looking for,” Serenity said. Her voice was now begging for this girl to hang up.

“Serenity, please, my daddy hurt me. Please make him stop hurting me,” Nicolette whispered into the phone. The gasp from the other end satisfied her that she hit a nerve.

“Gypsy? Is that you? How are you calling me?” she asked.

“He’s taking pictures of me and touching me. Please make him stop. I’m scared, Serenity,” said Nicolette. Her voice was a perfect match for the preteen Gypsy.

“No, no, you’re lying to me. Spencer would never do that. He said you would lie to me. Don’t call me again,” Serenity screamed before hanging up the phone, tears running down her cheeks. Until that moment, she never thought it to be true. Now, in her heart, she knew that all of it was true, and little Mary Elizabeth suffered at the hands of her father.

Satisfied with herself, Nicolette turned the music back on, satisfied with knowing that the child might have screamed she didn’t believe her, but she knew it was all true. That man was a monster, and she was about to show him the error of his ways. After tomorrow, Spencer Kennedy would never know what it was like to be idolized by anyone. The world would know him for the monster he was.

Pulling into the docks, the ocean, and warehouse in view, all Nicolette could do was smile. She would finish this before the twenty-four-hour mark, and Grace saved from ever knowing that she was in harm’s way. That child would grow up the way her mother hadn’t. Safe.

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