Fall of a heiress Pt – 2

“The moment the flight lands, you’re to check on the package. Inside the envelope I gave you there are a time and direction to where you will be able to see the gift,” Arison said. His words direct and to the point, he thought that Nicolette would understand that she was only to view the gift. “Do not touch it. I mean that. You are not to in any way change the directions of where this is gift goes,” he repeated.

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“What the hell do you want from me?”

Gypsy sat alone in her car, screaming at the top of her lungs. Why was this being, this devil coming for her in the most intimate of ways? She was not the kind of woman who believed that a spirit existed, yet as the rosary beads burned inside of her, she cried out in pain for the one person she honestly knew would never hurt her on purpose. She cried for the man she met on the beach who turned a hopeless girl into a woman. Her tears wouldn’t matter. He was dead. He left her to fend for herself, yet she trusted him with her life. For the first time in her life, Gypsy realized the truth about it all. She was so angry at Kaine for leaving her and Grace. He never even met the child he wanted so badly.

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Part 28 – Spencer


Everyone is born for a reason. Some to lead, some to follow, but how does God choose? Nicolette’s birth horrific in its own right, why was she chosen to be the one to save someone as common as a whore? The product of a rape, surely anyone would have thought the one to save humanity would be someone pure of heart. Why the daughter of a soiled Nun, or the bastard child of a pedophilic Priest?

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The set up – 27

A sin-eater takes the sins of others, Nicolette came into her powers the day she sat in the church with Gypsy. Touching the female, every sorrow that plagued the woman was building inside of the other. Rage and pain high on the emotions, it was the fear that hit her the hardest. At 19, she never felt the betrayal of a father though she was the product of a brutal rape.

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