The Set Up Pt 24

Every gambler knows
The secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away
And knowin’ what to keep

Smiling the moment the call disconnected, Nicolette was laying all the pieces on the board. The clock was ticking down, and she knew that Arison wasn’t going to back down. He wanted results, and Nicolette wouldn’t disappoint. It was not in her genetic makeup to make the man she cared genuinely about disappointed in her abilities to contain a situation. When you truly love someone, you will move heaven and earth to make sure that they never lose confidence in your character. She would make sure that when this was said and done, the wrath she inflicted was one of destruction. Frank Paloma and Spencer Kennedy would no longer have the ability to hurt another child again!

Tapping her fingers on the desk, Nicolette looked down at the screen on the phone with complete amusement. It would be the second phone call that Frank received from her today. The first one being the screaming match that he had with his wife. Before she could dial those numbers, she had to start the downfall, though what would happen next was against all she stood for. At times in life, you must make sacrifices. This was one of those times. A sharp exhale, she rose from the seat, leaving the phone on the table for a moment. How do you get the attention of a fish? With bait, of course.

Opening the door to Angelina’s room, she shook her head as she watched the woman sleep. Angelina lay curled in a ball, blankets wrapped tight around her, this was the last thing that Nicolette wanted, but sometimes you must make a sacrifice. Her eyes diverted from Angelina to the male who sat in the corner, watching the woman sleep. Hired to help control the female, he was taking payment out the hard way.

“Do it. Make the bitch enjoy it!” she said as she left the room, flipping on the camera to record the entire rape.

Screams from the other side of the wall faded into sounds of lust, ones that Nicolette had never experienced. Laughing to herself, she wondered for a moment if Frank ever made his wife scream? Probably not, but he would soon get a lesson on how Angelina wanted to be fucked. The forced sexual act was not how she wanted this to play out, but it was something she needed to have done. At the end of it all, Angelina was screaming out in waves of pleasure, and when Nicolette looked at the screen, her cheeks flamed red with blush. The married female was pleasuring the male with her mouth after he finished all over her face. That was the one rule Nicolette put in place. She didn’t want a child to come from this. She didn’t like Angelina, but a child was sacred.

A door opened, the male walking out as he zipped his pants up. Scratches down his chest, marks of lust on his lips, and that particular sound of relief exiting his lips.

“All done, Boss. She asleep like a baby and won’t give you any more problems tonight,” he said.

Nicolette nodded as he left, looking down on the screen of her phone one more time. As giddy as a child on Christmas morning, she uploaded the video of Angelina to her phone, attached it as a file, and pushed send. She would wait 15 minutes before calling Frank. That would give him time to fully take in the fact that his wife was orgasming on another man’s cock. Franks’s blood would be boiling by the time he finished the video. Nicolette was counting on his loss of control as an advantage to getting Grace back.

Dialing his number after the allotted time, she shouldn’t be this excited to show a man his wife cheating on him, but for Nicolette, this was the icing on the cake.

“What the fuck do you want,” Frank growled. His tone was expressing anger, frustration, and disgust.

“Frankie, boy? Is that any way to speak to a lady?” Nicolette laughed. “I hope that you enjoyed the movie? I know that Angelina did,” she said.

Frank slammed his fist down on the desk, screaming into the phone, “You fucking cunt. I will kill you both. You don’t know what you’ve done here. I will make sure you fucking suffer for what you’ve done.”

An eruption of laughter from Nicolette rang through his ears. She was amused that a man in his position was making threats against the woman who held his life in her hands. Little did he know, the next twenty-four hours would be his last.

“I’ve grown tired of your threats. I want you to listen to me and listen close. At 4:45 pm tomorrow, you will drive to Berth 47 in the port of Los Angeles. You will have one thing with you only. Grace Kennedy. If you decide to test me, the next person to receive this video is your son. After that, the FBI will get an anonymous tip about a murder in Las Vegas two weeks ago. I have the gun locked away, and I have the wiretaps of you arranging the hit. Test me, Mother fucker. Do it!” she laughed.

The other end of the phone went silent as she laid out the rules for the game. Where Nicolette stood, she held all the cards and was ready to cash all her chips in for the night. Even if Frank didn’t do as told, she had ways to get Grace back. A woman on the inside sold her all the information to get the child back home where she belonged. Like some said, Money talks, bullshit walks.

“Alright, but if you don’t give me back my wife, I will toss this kid into the port and never look back,” Frank threatened.

Exhaling in amusement, “If one thing is wrong with Grace, I will slaughter your son. Don’t test me. Please don’t test me.” Killing a child was not what she wanted, but Grace was the important one in this situation.

Clicking end call, she checked another name off of her list. The last one being Spencer Kennedy. He would prove to be the easiest of all. Calling her man back into the room, pointing to the male wandering around outside, she laughed. “Go get that dumb mother fucker. Invite him in, but make sure that he knows you’re the one in charge of the situation,” she said. With a smile, she checked the third player off the list. The only one left was Amelia, and she was still in jail after throwing a fit in the airport. By tomorrow she would be bailed out and in the same position as Angelina.

Placing a call to arrange bail, when they asked how she was related to the inmate, it gave her great joy to tell someone who she was finally.

“I’m her niece. She is late for a family reunion. I will arrange for a car to pick her up tonight,” Nicolette smiled.

Though she was not a card player, some would call this a Royal flush.

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