Set up part- 21

Crashing pain pounded in her head. Each wave like the beating on a drum at midnight. Annoying and soul-shaking. It was her inner being craving to be released. He promised he would, but Arison wasn’t ready. He was never prepared, but with or without him, the changes had begun. Her powers were forming a rage inside of her body that only a bloodbath could sedate.

Placing her head on the cold surface of the warehouse desk, she closed her eyes to cease the raging war inside. “FUCK,” she said. Slamming her fist down on the table, Nicolette kept her head down, praying for this all to end soon. Daily she was reminded with the error she had made, but what Arison didn’t realize was that if given the situation again, she wouldn’t change it. Nicolette would still save the life of mother and daughter. A child’s life was on the edge of being ceased, and given her birth, she would forever know that she did what was right. That night in the bathroom, Nicolette could once again feel the pain of her betrayal. She was lying on the cold floor of the Vatican. Nun’s screaming to drown it, Nicolette was unwanted from the moment of conception, but not this child. As she laid her hand on the belly of the mother, she felt a sense of peace that her mother was never given a choice to experience.

“Please take this pain away,” she screamed. Lifting her head from the cold metal, she diverted her eyes to the shrill of the ringing phone. Before even looking, she knew it was Arison. He always sensed when his young protege was wrapped in a blanket of turmoil. The bond they share allowed the other to experience the same pain or pleasure as the other. That’s how he knew she had not given into the pleasures of the flesh and betrayed what he felt was there for his taking. From the moment he was alerted of her birth, they became bound as one. Nicolette had already disrupted the universe with her mistakes, and now he once again sensed she was playing in the devil’s backyard, making decisions she was not equipped to understand.

Nicolette feared the phone when Arison called. She knew he would scold her if he knew what she had locked away in the other room. The wife of a mafia boss laid on a bed made for a pauper, and yet, Nicolette didn’t care. She was in bed with the enemy, or so it seemed. Any woman who would marry the likes of Frank Paloma was garbage. Sliding her finger across the screen, she sat in ghostly silence, waiting for Arison to say something, anything to break the silence.

“What are you toying with today?” he asked. Arison knew already but wanted to see if she would be honest with him. It had always been a policy between the two to them. You were to never lie to those that reside inside of you. He was as deep as her own soul was. His mark branded on her body, he could read her the moment a thought took space inside of her head.

Exhaling slowly, Nicolette feared no man, but her respect for Arison ran through every vein in her body. The fact that he hadn’t let the Nuns drown her gave her hope that he cared in some way for her. Little did she know, one day, she would become his mate. “I will have the child within twenty-four hours. I have set the stage for the downfall of two men. Both of them will take their last breaths when the child rests in my arms. I do warn you, however. I will not make it swift. For one of them, it’s become personal,” she said. Frank Paloma would die a death that would scare children when told of the Urban Legend of Nicolette. She would remove every inch of his flesh before allowing him to die. Allow rats to feast upon him, and cut off the lids of his eyes so he would be forced to watch it all. Well, that was the plan, at least. When it came to that moment, it could be far more brutal than she had thought.

Arison exhales echoed into the phone. He knew that she was growing stronger. Arison feared that she was stronger than even he could maintain. That was the reason he was yet to touch her in the physical sense. If he released what he knew was inside of her, the wrath on humankind would be far worse than predicted. “You have twenty-four hours to complete this, or you will return to Italy. I will not compromise on this, and if I find that you do not have that infant and mother reconnected, you will be the one to explain this to my Father. He is unhappy with your actions and the problems you have caused,” he said. Arison wasn’t without feeling. He knew the devastation that would rain down when you alter the actions of the universe. Saving that mother and child was a travesty, and now, the world unknowingly would pray alongside them. If that child’s killed, so is all hope for the planet.

“All right,” she said. Unknowing as to what she would do if she failed, a sudden sharp pain radiated through her body, starting at the mark she’s branded. “Oh god,” crying out. Nicolette had never in her life felt pain, and yet this blinding heat enveloped her entire body like a weighted blanket. Was this a reminder of what would come to her? Would she be the first taken for her failure? As quickly as the pain came, it was gone. Though her flesh was left with what she considered an internal timer, each hour that ticked would be marked with a flash of pain more intense than the one before.

“The clock’s set and the sand has started the descent. Do not push this. Have no choice in this. You will stand trial if you fail to complete this mission, not I,” he said. Hanging up the phone, his soul ached for her. If there was an ability inside of him to love another, she was the only one he could ever share the world beside. Both born of sin, their worlds would crash and burn as one.

“Well, I know you want a lover,
Let me tell you, brother,
She’s been sleeping in the Devil’s bed.”

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