Part 19

“Bring the fucking kid to me now,” Frank said.

“She’s asleep, and I think running a fever. We need to get her to a doctor,” said Marco. The kid’s only two months old, and though Marco has kids of his own, his wife raised them. Usually, they never cried as much as Grace. She started crying the night before and spent most of the night and the next day screaming her head off. “You need to call someone because a dead kid isn’t going to bring Angelina home,” he added. The last thing Marco wanted was something to happen to Grace, so he hit home with Frank. If he wanted his wife back, they needed to keep this kid happy and healthy.

Slamming his fist down on the desk, Frank agreed that they needed to get a doctor in to look at the kid. Thankfully, the family had one on retainer that wouldn’t say shit. It’s one of the perks of being wealthy. “Call her, and her over there now to check the brat. I want an update as soon as the doctor leaves,” Frank said. Hanging the phone up, not waiting for a confirmation, this threw a wrench in the plan. “Son of a bitch, I want this shit over now,” he said. His men were stopping, looking at Frank while he threw a tantrum that would make a two-year-old envious. All but one backing out of the room to leave the boss to his thought.

Anthony DeLuca spent the last six years under the wing of Frank, taking in everything he could about the business. From human trafficking to the drug running, Anthony knew it all. He was also the only one as close as Marco to the boss Man. “Boss, Spencer is on the move. He was spotted leaving his office and heading into the Port of Los Angeles with some Mexican driving him,” Anthony said. Since the moment they found Angelina gone, the entire Kennedy family was under the microscope. No one believed that Gypsy was involved, but Spencer, he was capable of anything. “We got a few guys on the ground and watching for him to head into a building. Right now,” Anthony stopped. Putting his hand to his earpiece, listening to his men talking to each other, “He’s stopped in front of warehouse 43 and speaking to a few dock workers. Soon as I know something, you’ll know something.” Not waiting for Frank to react, Anthony left the room, to catch the next flight to LA, and handle this himself.

Three hours later, arriving at the office without Grace, Marco needed to update Frank but didn’t trust Frank’s anger if he saw the kid. Softly knocking, Marco entered the office to Frank in a full meltdown. His son had called again, demanding to speak to his mother. Frank had to once again lie to the boy. “She’s busy. As soon as your Ma has a free minute, she will call you. Don’t worry about it, Son,” he said, but the age was starting to show on Frank’s face. Fine lines appearing overnight, his wife’s disappearance had him worried that this was something bigger than just Spencer Kennedy. A week ago, he was celebrating a successful hit, and today, he is the one who feels like the prey. When a man of power begins to crumble, the empire falls with him.

“Boss, the kid has a strep infection. The Doctor placed her on some antibiotics. My wife is taking care of her until she’s healthy again. I don’t know anything about taking care of a sick child,” Marco said. Standing in front of the window, looking out at the lights of the city begin to illuminate the Las Vegas skyline, Frank let out a silent sigh of relief, knowing that kid was the only thing that kept Angelina alive. For whatever reason, that child was the key to this whole thing.

“Keep me updated on her, and I’m leaving in an hour to Los Angeles. I plan on making Miss Kennedy a little visit all on my own. If she knows anything, she will crack the moment I walk through the door,” he said. Raising his hands above his head, resting the palms on the tinted glass, Frank was worried. Not about losing Angelina, but about losing the power he had built. A woman could be replaced, but the respect of others can’t. At 50, he was too old to rebuild his empire due to the negligence of a few weak soldiers. “My car should arrive in fifteen minutes. Let me know the moment you hear anything, okay?” Frank said. Without saying a word, Marco let himself out of the office, stopping for a moment to lean against the frame of the door, “If you need me to go with you, let me know. I will always be by your side, Frank,” he said. No matter what he felt, Marco was loyal to his boss. Even if it meant taking a life of the innocent, he didn’t want that, but for Frank, he would give his life.

An hour later, as the plane departed McCarren International Airport, Frank set the ball in motion. If Gypsy knew anything, she would give it all up tonight. He was sure of that. Stretched out in the seat, a drink in hand, he made the call. “Dave, Frank here. I’m booking Gypsy tonight. Consider her booked for the next 24 hours, and I will add an extra ten grand on top of the usual for you,” Frank said.

Alone, Dave sat watching porn in his locked office. With all the girls gone for the day, he had a chance for a little stress relief. “Fuck,” he said. Tucking himself back in his pants, the obese male grabbed the phone with slight discomfort in the groin area. “What the fuck do you want?” he said. “Oh shit, Frank. Sorry about that. Fucking telemarketers. About Gypsy, how about someone else. I have a little underage blonde dying to fuck,” Dave said.

“I don’t want the fucking blonde. I want, Gypsy,” growled Frank.

“No problem. I’ll get Gypsy, but you know, she’s been a pain in the dick lately. I’m about to cut her loose and replace her,” said Dave. He would never get rid of the young blonde, but he knew if she even thought that Frank wanted her tonight, she would throw a fucking fit. “You want her at the usual hotel?” Dave asked.

“No. I will meet Gypsy at her house. No need to tell her I’m coming. She is expecting me,” Frank said, hanging up.

“Fuck, what the fucking hell am I going to do? That bitch is going to flip out if she finds out,” Dave grunted, pulling his dick back out to stroke. “Fuck it. That whore needs to get off her ass and do some work for a change. Fuck her,” grunting, stroking his dick to the porn on the computer screen.

Hours later, standing on the front porch of the beachfront home, Frank knocked softly, laughing as he announced his arrival. “Knock knock. The big bad wolf is here to break your fucking neck. Open the door,” Frank said. Laughing at the sounds from inside of the house, he loved the smell of fear, and he could almost hear her heart beating through the walls.

“Please, God, no,” Gypsy screamed the moment she heard the voice.

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