The set up pt 14

Should you cry when your father dies? Mourn his death? For Nicolette, this was the happiest day of her life. That rapist would be put in the ground and never allowed to touch a woman again. She often thought of this very moment. Usually, when the lights were low, and she shook from fear of what she had become. A monster is the shape of a Goddess.

From her fingertips, the stolen cross swung back and forth as the exited the old church. A gust of sewage scented air filled her nostrils the moment she walked out into the City of Angels. Los Angeles was the cease pool of the world, and her work there never done. It was the subtle vibration of her cell phone that took the smile from her face. Weeks had passed since he called, but it seemed he always knew when the demons came to play.

“Arison? It’s been a long time. I thought you were dead,” she whispered.

Silence, on the other end, let Nicolette knew her humor did not amuse him. She was there to learn, not to pick up the sarcasm of Americans.

“Nicolette, do you not remember who I am? If not for me, those Nuns would have drowned you in a bucket of bleach!” He growled. Arison, the son of evil, knew that letting his prodigy loose for the first time would bring changes, but disrespect is not acceptable.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I know!” Nicolette said. She was riding on the high of her father’s death, her tongue loosened to the point that she would deserve his wrath. A fate Nicolette knew that was as unpleasant as walking through the fires of hell. A trip she had taken a time or two more than she wanted to.

His exhale sharp, fingers tapping on the solid oak desk that he sat at, Arison didn’t take her disobedience lightly. If she were to be his one day fully, she would need to learn her place in this world. “You’ve contacted the girl? Were you not told to observe from afar? To never make contact, and to never save her from which is her fate!” he growled. His hand slapping flat palmed to the desk. “You were trained for this. I gave you a gift, a part of me, and you do things to disappoint? What would your mother think?” he asked.

The last words stung. Nicolette’s mother, a nun who died before she could reject the spawn, Nicolette, always had hope that she would have loved her. Her mouth would get the better of her if she didn’t silence the demons inside. “My mother never had a chance to think anything as the story goes, I was ripped from her loins and sprawled out on the Vatican floor for all to see. A disgusting product of a rape. My mother was 16 years old. She wouldn’t know what to think because she wasn’t old enough to accept the seed of a vile old man,” whispering into the phone. Nicolette didn’t want people passing by to hear her. She was ashamed of her birth. More than anyone would ever know. Knowing that she was conceived to rid the world of their sins weighed heavily on her shoulders. Her father death was not just personal justice, but for Nicolette, he was the reason she came to LA.

“Do you not think I know what you did? I felt as you received her sins today. As you raped her soul of the tragedies of her life. NICOLETTE, what if she doesn’t remember who hurt her? You didn’t save her. You did more harm than good,” he said. Each word brought forth more anger from the male. He would need to register this all with his father. His grandfather would be contacted, and the chain of command would demand there to be swift punishment. Little did Nicolette know, Arison had arrived in Los Angeles the day after her. He knew of the start of her wrath. The male at the bar, the priest, the driver of that car, and now, Arison knew of the contact she promised never to make. The worst of all was she was the one to save the young blonde that night she was to die. You cannot stop an event like that without setting forth actions that could destroy them all. Death is written before birth, and she erased Miss Kennedy’s name the night she revived her from her eternal slumber. In human terms, she fucked up.

Nicolette rocked back and forth, listening to the words of the male who raised her. He was not her father nor her lover. He was the keeper of her darkness, but at this time, she wondered if he was strong enough to handle the events that would fall upon them all. Born of both light and dark, the war that raged inside of her soul was one that even she found at times hard to control. Little did any know, she had only come into her abilities, and when she reached the full peak, heaven help them all. The world would once again sink into the shadow of despair, and she would be of what night terrors were made. Folklore would say, “Others would ask the Devil about Nicolette.”

“I felt for the girl. It was an accident. On my first night here, I found her alone and dying. I couldn’t let the child inside of her perish, so, I brought her back to life. I did this for the innocent one. Like you did for me when I was born,” she said.

All of this stemmed back to the night of her own birth. When she touched the stomach of the pregnant girl, she was a witness to her very own birth. The screams, fear and even pain her mother endured could be felt in her own body. For the first time, she knew the complete truth of her birth. Her mother ripped apart from the birth bled out on the floor of the holiest of places. Nuns surrounding her, yet none attempted to save her. She was carrying evil inside of her, and they feared this child’s birth, but more so, they feared her reign on the earth if she lived. Nicolette felt the coldness of the floor in which she laid. The words of the Nuns heard for the first time. Some begged to drown it. Others were screaming to call Arison to pick up the evil. What others would call a beautiful child, they referred to her as the daughter of the Devil himself. “I could not let her die before that child was born. If I am wrong, so be it, I will take the punishment for my actions,” she said.

Silence on the other end of the line told her of his disapproval. This woman was to die, and Nicolette altered the future. Mother and daughter were to die in an eternal bond. Now, they would have to stop at nothing to save the life of a common whore. Jesus Christ saved Mary Magdalene, and now, Nicolette must stop at nothing to make sure the mother and child can finish their walk on the earth together. If not, the end of days will begin. The heavens above will rain down a fire so destructive that the planet will once again be a barren land with no source of light to regenerate the growth of humanity.

“You will be contacted shortly. I bid you farewell for now, but I do warn you of this. If the woman dies, so will everything else that inhabits the earth. You brought this upon yourself, and now, the deed is done. You’ve opened the portal that even my grandfather cannot close. May the Gods be with you,” he said. Ending the call with that forewarning, Arianson fled the building in which he resided. He would need to be close to Nicolette for the end of days.

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