The set up pt 12

“Please help me,” her voice barely above a whisper, Gypsy lay in the corner of the safe room, shaking from the events that unfolded. Her father’s threats unhinged her. If he ever got his hands on her daughter, she would kill him. That was not a threat, but a promise. She wouldn’t stop till there was no life left in the elder male. As fucked up as her life was, the one thing you never harm is a child. They are to be protected at all costs. That was the entire reason she sent the newborn away to a family she thought to be safe.

From the corner of the room, a voice appeared. “Mary hand a little lamb, come here to Papa,” he called out, his voice one she would know in a crowd of a million. Of course, the male had been gone for years, but for Mary, he was her safe harbor. The light in the window that lit her darkest hours. “Come here child and let me help you,” his voice cracked, the emotions pouring through his words. Joseph Kennedy, or Old Man Joe, loved his granddaughter with every fiber of his being. She was his little lamb and he the one who watched over his flock of one.

“Oh Papa,” she cried, crawling from the corner to where he sat. Head placed in his lap, her arms stretched around the older male, she needed his comfort and his wisdom right now. Mary needed to know that she would be okay, but more than that, that her daughter was alive.

“Grace is alive. She will not sit on my lap for many years. Not until she is as old as I am. It’s you I am worried about. Mary, you need to know things,” his wrinkled old hand softly stroked her hair, it was how he would comfort her years ago. During the times he knew the Devil reigned her house, but there was nothing he could do to stop him. “Your husband. I warned you about your father. I told you he had ways of making people disappear,” voice cracking, he had held back this information, but it was time she knew the truth. She was not a failure. She was the strongest woman he had ever known.

“Whaaa,” looking up, the tears of fear became the tears of sorrow. She had love Cain more than any person on the face of the planet. He was the one person with whom she trusted all that dark details of her father’s abuse. In her heart, she prayed that he didn’t leave because he didn’t love her, but this, this was taking the last fragment of hope she had. “My father had him taken away?” asking, her voice quivered with fear. Was he the one who took Grace? No, he couldn’t be. If he took Grace than he never would have come there today. He would have taken her someone that Mary could never find her.

“Grace is fine, for now, but she needs to be found. This will be the hardest journey for you. You must be stronger than you’ve ever been if you bring her back alive. As for her father, I’m sorry my little lamb, I can’t bring him back for you. He’s gone,” he said. The last thing Joe wanted to do was hurt his granddaughter even more that she was, but she needed to know she was worthy of being loved. At least now her heart could put what she thought was a failure to rest. It was a tragedy, but not one that she caused.

Sobbing, she took the moment to mourn. Cain was her Prince. The man she loved and planned on spending her life with and thinking he left her because he didn’t love her had chipped away at her soul. As much as she hated being a failure at love, she would spend the last of her days a failure rather than have him dead. He would never know he was a father to a beautiful little girl. One whom she thought resembled him so deeply. If she ever held Grace Kalani in her arms again, she would tell her all about her father and her love for him. She would tell him about the day on the beach when they married in front of his aunt and uncle. How they planned life so full of love that no one could break them. She would forever love Cain, and even in his death, she would hold his spot in her heart until she took her last breath. If there was ever a true definition of someone who was the love of your life, that was Cain. He came to her at the darkest point in her life and though she tried to rid herself of his memory, she never could.

“Mary, you will get out of this. I promised you that you would not come to see me anytime soon. You know your old Papa doesn’t lie,” he said, leaning down, Joe kissed her on the top of the head. “I need to go now. You can leave the room. Your father has left, but please don’t let your guard down, and never stop searching. Grace will come home to you. Papa promises you that,” his words fading out with his soul, her head rested on the hard-wooden chair he once sat in.

Leaving that room was the hardest thing she had done. It was safe there. No one could touch her, and she knew now that her beloved grandfather was there. Well, for a few moments God had allowed him to comfort his family, giving them strength and guidance.Slowly pulling the door open, the first stop was a little box that rested on the fireplace. Taking it down like it was something made of precious gold, the contents her wedding rings. She had placed them there that day her husband disappeared.

“I’m sorry, Cain. I never wanted you to be hurt. I promise that I will give these to our daughter one day and that she will know everything about you. I will never allow her to forget her Daddy. I swear to you,” whispering as the tears rolled down her cheeks, chipping away a little more at her sanity.

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